Turkey – Otherwise The Refugees Will Come To You

Laitman_727Comment: Turkey is demanding an additional allocation of around three billion dollars from the European Union in exchange for stopping the flow of immigrants into Europe.

Answer: It is unreasonable for the government of Turkey to agree to stop the stream of immigrants otherwise Turkey would become like Europe.

Question: Do you suppose that the government of Turkey will take the money and still release the refugees?

Answer: The Turks will have no choice but to apologize and allow the refugees to pass since immense masses of refugees are gathering in Turkey who are breaking through and penetrating into Europe through every breach in the border, and there are many. It is not clear why Turkey would be willing to take upon such pressure and risk in exchange for only three billion dollars; after all, taking care of the refugees requires a much more.

Comment: It seems that there is no way out of the situation. What is your prediction in connection with this?

Answer: I have a very clear prediction for humanity. The journey of the immigrants from the depths of the Muslim world into the depths of European civilization is a historic process the like of which has never existed in any of the previous conquests and migrations of people in all times.

A new era is beginning in the history of humanity. Humanity is undergoing very serious changes, like the final contractions before birth, like a fetus whose time comes to be born and begins to squirm, to strike with its legs and hands at the uterus of its mother, and finally turns with its head below to be born into the atmosphere of the world. That is also how humanity, all the old paradigms, reasons, theories, methods, and cultures as a whole will be overturned. And then humanity will be reborn on the next level of development. This birth is approaching; we are beginning to enter into the prenatal stage. Ahead of us are very serious and yet very interesting times.

Question: What is supposed to be born?

Answer: It is a new humanity, a united world, people who are connected together, who understand that they belong to a single body, to a single system, to a single soul, which is called “Adam.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/19/16

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