Where Can We Hide From The Onslaught Of Refugees?

laitman_430Question: You once said that refugees will start coming from the East towards Europe and that this will have severe consequences. I live in Germany and I would like to know what I should do, and whether I should flee back to Russia?

Answer: Russia will not be safe from these forces! There is only one way to escape them and that is by drawing the positive force into our world without running away anywhere.

Humanity exists only in the negative egoistic force, which leads to clashes between us. However, we can create the right motion forward but only by drawing the positive force into our world that will balance the negative force and make our world a harmonious place. This is the only free choice we have and the only way to correct the present situation.

Comment: But many young people enter Germany every day and behave as if they own the place and not as people who need help.

Answer: Of course! It would be naïve to think differently! These immigrants believe that they should be provided with shelter and money, and the Europeans don’t understand yet who they are dealing with so they measure everyone according to their standards.

But from the immigrant’s’ perspective, Europe owes them; their attitude is “serve us; do everything for us and then get lost and we will take your place.” It is very simple! They are carefully and specifically guided as to how to bring this about.

What I said many years ago is now being manifest, and so in the next decade we will see how Europe changes, voluntarily,  in a democratic way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/15/15

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