The Legalization of Marijuana In The USA

Laitman_408Opinion (Dasha Gasanova):The culture of smoking tobacco in the developed countries of the world is more than 500 years old. But the fight against tobacco only started in the 20th century, in parallel, the creation of monopolies in the sales of tobacco and growth in profit.

“For a long time these processes occurred simultaneously where, as the doctors warned about the dangers the manufacturers filled the pockets. Now there is no doubt that heart diseases, cancer growths and respiratory disease are directly connected to smoking tobacco.

“However, tobacco smoking was never considered as a dangerous practice for the public, in contrast to drug addiction.  It is very difficult to find a junkie who is identified as a positive image in any of the various human cultures. It is long considered that to engage in drug use is despicable, inappropriate, and is pursued rigidly as a criminal offense and condemned by society.

“There is no sensible person who doubts the damage to health caused by drugs. And this is in addition to the physical feelings that a junkie has, and the people close to him who are directly harmed.

“Here it is interesting to see the transformation, the ‘somersault’ of American society and top legislative and executive leadership regarding the use of marijuana, in the direction of supporting the legalization of this habit. Where did the conservatism and continuation of the moral foundations of America’s founding fathers go?

“In the last decade, in many states within the US, the smoking of drugs pushed out the smoking of tobacco – the active fight against tobacco cleaned up the area for use of grass, all according to the law.

“The deadly consequences of the use of grass persist for decades.

“In the case of grass, both the American doctors and those marketing the marijuana, find themselves on the same side of the barricade.  The doctors calmly relate to the subject of drug addiction, even when it is clear to them that it is much more difficult to be rehabilitated from grass than from tobacco.”

My Comment: According to the plans of the American elite, there is a need to euthanize most of humanity until the population naturally decreases to 1-2 billion people. There is no other “quiet” means. Thus, the decision was made on a global scale to make “soft” drugs legal and to market them. The tobacco companies were forced to keep quiet. And the same order was given to the media. The negative attitude concerning tobacco and the positive attitude towards marijuana is spreading from the US to the rest of the world.

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