Why Shouldn’t I Go To A Psychologist?

laitman_547_05Question: It is believed that depressed people are the greatest realists. Psychology examines optimists as people that live in a certain illusion. Why are we kidding ourselves?

Answer: It is because our essence is the desire to receive pleasure. Why see the truth and suffer? I would rather deceive myself and enjoy life.

Question: There is evidence that suggests that only 2% of the population sees reality as it is, without embellishing it. All of them are psychiatric patients. Why is reality such that I constantly have to defend myself, my desire to enjoy? Why do I always feel some kind of threat?

Answer: In fact, you are asking the question, “Why am I not an animal? Why am I a man?” Animals do not have issues. They need to know everything about their life, otherwise they have no chance to survive. We feel a threat and we have the ability to stay afloat only through the correct relationships between us.

And, unlike animals, we have been provided with a choice. Nowadays we have reached such a development where we are required to build a society that will fill us with something that is not given by nature. Then we will be able to completely fill our desire with joy, which is the essence of our nature because nothing else will fill us.

Question: Why shouldn’t I go to a psychologist?

Answer: If your psychologist knows what integral education is and can help you set the correct relationship with the surrounding reality, of course, go. Today, we really need to create a profession called an “integral psychologist.”

Question: Will this person, sitting across from me, help me to know myself?

Answer: The psychologist cannot work with you face to face. Integral education requires group work. Your psychologist is obligated to give you exercises for you to utilize within your environment, under the influence of which you will undergo changes, and thanks to him, you will learn how to properly interact with the world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/7/14

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