What’s In A Name?

laitman_628_4Question: Is my name (the collection of letters) the seal of my life? Does a person’s name have significance?

Answer: A name doesn’t bear any particular characteristics. It doesn’t matter what a person is named. When a person is born, he or she is arbitrarily given a name and that is what he or she lives with.

Question: So a name doesn’t reflect a person’s fate or influence one in some way?

Answer: If a person changes his desires, so he changes his vessels. This vessel is already indicated by a different set of letters and this is one’s name at the moment.

Suppose he carries out some particular spiritual effort tomorrow and completely different forces appear in him with a different combination of Hassadim and Hochma. So again a new name appears for him. Therefore a person is new every day. He seems to be reborn with a new name, meaning with a new level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/17/16

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