Sin And Its Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “Which Degree Should One Achieve so He Will Not Have to Reincarnate?”: This is the perfection that Adam HaRishon had prior to the sin. Only after the sin did he decline from his degree and his soul was divided into 600,000 souls.

Question: How does a sin appear?

Answer: A sin appears as a result of the influence of the Upper Light. For example, I want you to find your own mistake, but I want you to do it after you’ve understood its essence and only then corrected it.

My participation in this process is inconspicuous; I remain “behind the scenes.” How unnoticeable can I be? I only serve as an eliciting factor that is not even felt in the matter of your desire, similar to Sefira Keter.

A person experiences sudden weakness or becomes immersed in bizarre thoughts that are given to him from Above, although he thinks that he is the one who produces them. This is his first sin.

Then, he starts to struggle with himself instead of asking the Creator to correct him. This is his second sin. The Creator gives a person choice and balances out his perception by enlightening him; He gives a person “a hint” that there is something else behind it.

However, spiritual systems are built in a way that we are unable to address the Creator directly since our properties are opposite to His, and the law of the equivalence of form doesn’t allow us to do so. That’s why we observe an external system of objects and bodies (this world) which gives us a chance to take the first steps toward the correction.

If I take these steps, apply correct intentions to them, and plead to the Light for help, I manage to connect both worlds and instigate the influence of high souls upon me. Through them, I get help. The souls of the righteous bring me the illumination from Above, start working on me, and raise me up. This is what is called “sin and its correction.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/10, “Which Degree Should One Achieve so He Will Not Have to Reincarnate?”

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