Zero Point Where Spirituality Begins

237A person enters the spiritual world and begins to feel the Creator after he crosses the point called zero. He works to subjugate his will to receive more and more, and thus he reaches the zero point. When he crosses this point, it means that he is born in the spiritual world, in the quality of bestowal.

Of course this is not an easy and simple path; this is the reality that we do not understand, and everything is reached by subjugating egoism with regard to all the obstacles that lie in our path.

This is why the beginning of the work is indicated by the zero point. It is as if a person does not exist and does not have his own desire, since he cancels it before his desire to be in spirituality, in bestowal.

We cannot imagine such a zero state where our desires are canceled as if they do not exist. In fact they exist and even grow, and appear more and more assertive to a person. He remembers his whole life, with different events he went through. All this is in order to reveal to him all the will to receive that he has.

He begins to examine his entire life from a new point of view. One by one, all kinds of pictures, images, and thoughts from his life appear before him, his attitude to others and others to him, and by analyzing them, he comes to the conclusion that he is an absolute zero in everything and with regard to everyone. In fact this is true: everyone is zero with regard to the others.

Only when a person goes through all this recognition does he turn into a spiritual embryo and begin to grow in spirituality, in a spiritual manner, with spiritual forces and thoughts. All this is due to the fact that he annuls his egoistic desire more and more.

The desire remains and grows, starting from this point of zero, but the upper light gives it the form of Adam, similar to the Creator. And in this way a person grows under the protection from above for nine months while in the womb of the mother.

Everything begins from zero, from complete annulment, when a person constantly turns to the Creator and increasingly attributes his success in annulment to Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/21, “Annulling before the Friends”

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