In the Global Field of Mind and Feelings

947Question: If humanity has a common repository of knowledge, why does everyone perceive the world in their own way? Will we ever reveal it?

Answer: We will reveal this general picture only if we unite into one common whole.

And how else can we reveal it? If each of us is an individual consumer of general information, then there is no way we cannot get out of this narrow framework.

As long as we remain egoists, we are individually connected to information and by this we only harm each other, we do not understand each other, and we are not in contact with each other at all. Each of us is powered by a different part of the general global information, energy, and thought.

It is possible to understand this plan, the whole course of nature, only if we begin to unite to destroy the barriers between us on the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself, and to connect all together as one single whole to the common information field. That is when we will get out into another level of existence—into eternity and perfection!

We will connect to something that is unchangeable, to something perfect, and we will become the same ourselves. And our animal body has nothing to do with it. We will dwell in a common field in our feelings and minds. This will happen as soon as we destroy the egoism between us.

Question: If we are all connected in a common field, then will everyone know what the other thinks? That is very scary!

Answer: Don’t be afraid of it! We’re adults! Our whole egoism will fall.

We will reach such a degree of interaction where we become like one common heart and one common mind. It is above us. And therefore when we destroy the barriers between us, we will rise, unite with this one single heart, desire, and mind, and find eternal existence.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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