The Biggest Egoists

115Question: You say that the biggest egoists are people who already now do not live for themselves because they pass the upper light to everyone else. Where is egoism here?

Answer: In order to receive the upper light, you need great egoism, a great corrected, but formerly egoistic desire. In principle, the desire remains, only the intention changes.

I wanted to grab the entire world, and I grabbed it. How? I am now receiving the upper light in order to fill this entire world. I feel it as my own, as a mother hen over everyone. I consider it to be mine: “This is mine! I have to take care of it!” And not: “This is mine! I have to suck everything out of it!”

The desire, however, is the same, which embraces everyone. It is just that the attitude to it is either egoistic or altruistic.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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