The Natural Aspiration of a Kabbalist

209Kabbalists have always been interested in science and cultures of nations. Even Baal HaSulam and Rav Kook visited libraries, sat there, and studied everything.

We can see from the works of Baal HaSulam how well he knew economics, political science, political economy, and how he spoke of Marx’s political economy, of what is happening here in Israel between parties, and so on. Meaning, he was a person who knew subjects perfectly and often mentioned great scientists and famous people of the past.

It is a natural desire of a Kabbalist to study the upper world from the lower world and the lower from the upper because everything that happens is still interconnected between the two worlds and everything comes from only one source—the upper one. When studying our world, you feel the upper source manifested through it.

Therefore, I am happy to absorb everything that is in this world. I am already over 70 years old, but I feel like a young boy eager to see everything, to learn everything, both the upper and this world. I have a thirst for everything.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Architectural Monuments” 9/17/09

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