What is the Lack of a Goal Leading us to?

198The question about the purpose of life begins to subconsciously awaken in us even though a person does not ask himself openly. He is constantly trying to bury this question so it would not pop up like a snake. And what is left for the person to do? He is fighting against ecological violations, for gays’ rights, for transsexuals’ rights, for other things.

Yet, if we are to show a person that there is a goal given to us from above rather than being invented by us and that it is coming from the upper force rather than from our low egoism, then it will be possible to lead people in a completely different direction—toward unity instead of division.

Egoism is a narrow space and it cannot embrace the whole world. Then what is it against and what is it for? It has to make itself concrete in a certain framework; it is us and that is all.

Therefore, we are very quickly moving toward either good or bad things in the world. Countries will start to unite between themselves, these against those, and those against these and so forth. It will be a big mess.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Energy around us” 10/20/09

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