When There Is No Goal in Life

198Question: A person is a vessel that is brought to life by a source of some kind of energy. Why are young people in need of a boost with energy drinks today? They seem to feel a complete lack of vitality. Why do people not have the spirit of life at a young age?

Answer: It’s due to the fact that they have nothing for which to aspire. It is not about the energy of life. We get energy from purpose.

When I see a big, great, worthwhile goal before me, I get energy, I start to fire up like a bull whose eyes are are filling with blood. I am rushing toward this goal, but only if it is before me, like a red cloth before a bull. However, if it is not there, then the person just fades away.

Our generation has very big egoism, to which everything is available in this world. People can fly, drive, and communicate via the Internet with any corner of the globe. They look at all this and feel that they will not be satisfied. There is no reason to make any movements, it is better to go and take drugs, disconnect from hopelessness and emptiness. Therefore, drugs and antidepressants are the only thing left for a person.

Kabbalah, however, says that beyond the level that seems meaningless, empty, and worthless to you and that you see our small round Earth and everything on it is limited, and that any day all this may end; however, there is a completely different world, a new, upper dimension. This is where we have to get to. We can do it now, today.

Moreover, the development of the Internet helps us to feel that we are in communication with each other, and this communication can take us to the next level. And here we come to amazing possibilities.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Does the Creator Exist?” 5/9/11

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