Lack Of Direction In Life

963.1Question: In Vladimir Zhikarencev’s book The Path to Freedom, he writes that all diseases are the result of reflections on the question: “What is all this for?” and that you should drive such thoughts away from yourself. Is it really necessary to drive them away?

Answer: The problem is that humanity is constantly trying to get rid of these thoughts, but by very bad means and by this it is increasingly sinking. After all, in principle these thoughts come to us in order for us to rise above them, and they could become a lever for us with which we would achieve greater development.

Today, many in the world say: “Why do we need industry and technological development? Look what we have come to, we litter and kill the environment and we are destroying ourselves. What is this for?”

But we cannot stop nature and we cannot stop man. We just have to know how to use everything correctly.

Therefore if new voids open up in us, some new desires, and we don’t see how to fill them, what is here is not enough for us; we want something more, but we ourselves don’t know what, and when it will be, “more” doesn’t shine for us and we don’t see it in front of us, then we enter into depression, into some kind of problems. There is an absence of life guidelines.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Summing Up” 4/7/10

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