The Period Of Judges

570Question: There was a special period in the history of the Jewish people that lasted 300 years called the period of judges. At that time, there were practically no kings or regular army. Can we say that this was a special spiritual level that people were in?

Answer: Of course. Everything that happens in our world comes from the inner, deep states of man and society. You cannot tear one from the other.

Therefore, the spiritual state of each one and everyone together especially at that time after leaving the Egyptian slavery when people felt themselves under the rule of the Pharaoh (egoism) and could not escape from it anywhere, after becoming free, that is, as if they crossed the border from themselves, from the egoism that enslaved them, to freedom, they felt they were in a completely different world.

They no longer had to obey their inner instructions, habits, and inclinations, but could be free from their nature. Thus began the period of judges. It meant that people could judge themselves, rise above themselves, and feel what states they should be in.

Each person could separate from egoism and objectively judge himself and others. But, in addition, there were judges who personified a measure of responsibility and a measure of understanding of what state the people were in.

Question: Did the judges have such a moral level that it allowed them to rule the nation even without executive power?

Answer: People had their own power. They were at the mercy of their forces, thoughts, and decisions. They were their own judges. Therefore, this period is called the period of judges.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 1/11/22

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