In Righteousness Shalt Thou Judge Thy Neighbor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On what level must a judge be to sentence another person?

Answer: This is a very complex question. After all, everything that a person carries out is done when the Creator turns a blind eye. The Creator allows him to commit a particular transgression against society and even against the Creator Himself.

The question arises as to how one can recognize that what happened is the revelation of evil for the sake of future correction. This question is not very simple. Why does the Creator arrange for everyone that disclosure will happen specifically in a bad way like this and not in a good way?

It follows that the situations were incorrect from the start and work on them is unfinished, both by the person and by society. In order to discover the incorrect situation that there is between them, they must first undergo some kind of transgression and then a correction.

Suppose that someone committed a murder and was caught. This is a problem of society as a whole, since particular conditions exist in it for carrying out a deed like this. How is it that from today’s circumstances, we reach their full correction tomorrow?

All of us are connected into one system. This system breaks down like it does in mechanics: There is some kind of a problem in an engine and one of the parts is broken (analogous to murder). It follows that it is not one part that is to blame; rather, it is in its coordination with the other parts.

So it is necessary to take a new look at the entire engine and find out why this part broke down. Maybe this didn’t happen at all because of the engine? That is to say, the Creator arranged all of this for us.

The correction comes only by covering the broken part. Since it was revealed this way in society and helped it determine its general integral breakdown, all members of society must carry out the appropriate corrections in working with it, taking its breakdown upon themselves and connecting with it as if it were a corrected part.

It follows that society must give a guarantee to a thief or murderer and correct itself so that under the pressure from society that together with it, they will rise to another level. This is where the general recognition of evil happens: the discovery of the overall error, the overall defect. Why didn’t they see this? Why didn’t they discover this in time?

There is collective work here. Nothing is private or individual! You don’t catch the murderer and haul him off to court where the judge immediately passes sentence on him according to the laws regarding punishment: There is no death sentence or ten years in prison. Of what exactly is he guilty?

Only an integral system is prepared to give the right answer to an error like this. Moreover, when we find the right solution, the right completion, we discover adhesion with the Creator within this picture.

The egoistic system of our world is based on the transgressor being guilty and so must be disposed of. It is up to him to express remorse and to sit and suffer. And what is the end of the matter? He takes upon himself the general defect of society and absorbs the entire breakdown of society into himself, and so it follows that he apparently is guilty.

Together with this, society accumulates uncorrected parts like these within itself and attracts all the social evil upon itself from generation to generation. Society forces the transgressors to suffer in its place, when it is cleansed of this egoistically: “Go and suffer instead of us.”

Question: Under our physical conditions is it possible for us to realize a different legal system?

Answer: Can we morally and spiritually establish a balanced system? Can we say how it should look in the perfected state and how imbalance, the loss of proportion and inner tension, is created in it? For this it is up to us to see this system.

Question: Does this mean that only a person who is found on a spiritual level can be a judge?

Answer: A judge is the Light of AB SAG, Ohr Hochma and Bina. Together they work on the desire and reveal it on two sides: Din (judgment) and Rachamim (mercy). Only the right integration between them can reveal the Kav Smol (left line) that makes it possible for a person to be a judge.

Even the ancient Greeks depicted the goddess of justice holding scales in her hand, trying to balance between good and evil. This is a natural human impulse. However, it is not possible to find the Kav Emtzai (middle line) in our world, since it is higher than human characteristics.

The judge must be impartial, so to ensure this, they give him a good salary for then he supposedly wouldn’t require additional money. But the truth is that a judge must be a person who is necessarily even more self-sufficient and simply doesn’t require anything else. Rather, you obstruct him with money. This is an entirely different approach.

We are not concerned about his inner state and suppose that it is up to us to fill his pockets with money so that he will not be tempted to take a bribe. On the contrary! This is how we destroy judges.

Moreover, the judges cannot be completely detached because they live within society and depend upon it. But in truth, the judge must be completely detached from society. This is what we are cultivating within us: the quality of judgment, the judge.

The judge is the highest person in a society! This is a person who is ready to be connected with the Creator; and from this high level, when he understands what the Creator is doing with the society, he can bring correction to a society because judgment is only a system of correction.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/02/14

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