Nothing To Look Forward To In This World

222This generation is coming to a state where nothing is left for them to look forward to in this world. On one hand, the world seems to have become so accessible, but on the other hand, so insufficient that I just don’t know what I am doing here.

Therefore, today, the question about the meaning of life strikes everyone.

Almost half of humanity is in a state of concealed or overt depression to the point that depression has become a viral disease that infects both people and the animals living close to us. Antidepressants are now available even for cats and dogs. And from person to person depression is transmitted almost through the air.

In the near future, we will see an even greater descent. It began in the 1960’s when disillusionment and nihilism started to manifest.

Previously it seemed to us that they were characteristic only of special “golden” youth. However, this is a serious problem that we don’t know how to handle. Drugs, divorce, antidepressants, and private psychologists, one tries anything he can, and in the end, he is glad to be leaving this world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Uup. Summing Up” 4/7/10

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