Question of the Century

245.04Comment: They say that supposedly there is energy around us that feeds us, and due to this, we can even get by without food.

My Response: A person can, of course, receive nourishment also in this way. What is the difference? But what does it give him and what does it lead to?

Anyway, I have been given a certain number of years to realize my appearance on Earth, to effectively identify it. Later I will have other functions, in other states. But the state in which I manifest myself here, in this segment of my existence, is like this. Therefore I have to think about a way to realize it effectively.

How can I do it? Only when I understand the entire chain of my existence in which my corporeal life is a small fragment, some single link. I need to realize this link effectively, and then I will already go in accordance with what I finish my realization with.

Today, people really lack this goal. They do not know what to do. You seem to be living, but what are you living for? There used to be a struggle for a bowl of soup, for a position in society, and so on. There were all sorts of goals, either real or imaginary ones.

Today there is none of this. It does not matter what rags I wear today. It says nothing about a person, apart from politicians in ties. Today I do not have to worry about food, somehow I will find it somewhere.

There is no need to learn. What will it give me? There are a lot of unemployed people anyway. Music, literature, ballet, opera, painting—all this has also decreased and disappeared somewhere. Who needs it? Who is interested in it?

Most people have traveled half the world. What interesting things can they expect in the rest of their lives? Therefore, a person is bored. A person has no purpose in life. It seems that he has developed so much that he can cover the entire world; he surfs the Internet and can do anything.

Yet in the end he has nothing. He sees that there is nothing to live for. Drugs, some kind of oblivion… What to do? Therefore, the question “What do you live for?” is a very big, painful question.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Energy around us” 5/28/14

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