Zero Result

79.01Why does the question about the meaning of life arise in a person precisely at the moment when he seems to have achieved everything? It is because he no longer has goals; all landmarks are lost and our world cannot give them to him.
We are specifically designed in such a way that we begin to rise from the level of our world into the next dimension.

But a person does not see it. He sees that this is our time, this is our generation, these 50 to 100 years are a very short historical period. We were always running after all sorts of achievements, money, power, fame, notability, and did not think we were mortal. Various goals within life overshadowed the final zero result for us: “It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that today I can play myself.”

And now we come to the conclusion that it is impossible to play ourselves during this life. I cannot! Like a prisoner who sits in a cell, he is served good food and he hears the gallows being made for him in the courtyard.

What can he do? Just drink from hopelessness. Can he have fun if he constantly hears this knock? As soon as the gallows are erected, he will be led out and hanged.

In such a state, when the final state of our existence is clearly manifested before us, we do not understand what to live for.

When we face the question of the meaning of life more than life itself, then there is a reassessment of values, and the result is very important to us. Here humanity comes to such a state: if this life ends, then it is itself worthless.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Summing Up” 4/7/10

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