A Covenant Made For Eternity

931.01Question: In principle, do all four spiritual covenants manifest themselves when a person already has attainment of the Creator? And before that can any unions be made in the group?

Answer: In a group we create such qualities among ourselves that help us stick together and do what Baal HaSulam and mainly Rabash talk about. In his articles Rabash writes about the group, about the union, and about our movement toward connection, within which we really attain the Creator.

Comment: We also sort of make agreements in the group, for example, to come to lessons on time, to meet, and to participate in congresses. But all these are egoistic agreements, which sometimes we follow and sometimes not, in contrast to the union with the Creator. After all, if you have already agreed with Him, then it is forever.

My Response: It should be the same in the group. Rise, but do not fall.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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