Speculations Around Kabbalah

49.01Question: The word ”Kabbalah” is perceived by many as something mystical. All the people shouting that they are engaged in Kabbalah from Madonna to who knows who, are they really engaged in Kabbalah or in show business?

Answer: Of course it is show business. Kabbalah is a teaching about the revelation of the Creator to a man in this world. Anyone can practice Kabbalah. But in order to actually achieve results, one must get into it very seriously.

Question: If this is so, then why don’t all Jews without exception study Kabbalah?

Answer: Firstly, it was once forbidden to engage in it because people were not sufficiently developed. But starting from the 14th to 15th centuries, Kabbalah had already been allowed to be practiced. Great Kabbalists such as Rambam and Ari wrote about this. And in the 20th century Kabbalah was revealed to everyone so today anyone can study it.

But the fact is that there are many impostors who created show business around Kabbalah and made a lot of cheats: Kabbalah and medicine, Kabbalah and spells, Kabbalah and the pulse of de-nur, or whatever. This is nonsense! They are fairy tales for the people to keep them in line.

Question: So the people invented it for themselves?

Answer: It was not the people who invented it, but their leaders.
From Kab TVs “Encounters with Kabbalah” 1/5/22

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