What To Do When You Are Being Bullied

961.1Comment: Today a well known word is “bullying.” This is when some unfortunate person is bullied or harassed at school, in institutions, or on the Internet.

In France, a new law will fine those guilty of bullying 45,000 euros and imprisonment for three years. Teachers or students, it doesn’t matter.

And if it is proved that the victim missed school because of harassment, the prison term will be increased to eight years. In case of attempted or committed suicide as a result of bullying, the fine will increase to 150,000 euros, and the prison term will be up to ten years.

The law has already passed the lower house of Parliament. They proceed from the fact that such a strict law could stop this bullying.

My Response: What kind of relationships can possibly be at school so that there is a need to adopt such laws! France! The source of world humanism, freedom, revolution!

Question: Do you think such harsh, sharp measures will help?

Answer: For some reason, everywhere, in all countries of the world, it is believed that detention, isolation from society for many years corrects society, corrects a person. By the end of the day, we want the criminal to improve. And society would somehow correct not only the criminal, but also the flaw that it inflicted on him.

But I don’t see it! So many are jailed, for how many years and in all countries of the world! Let’s check statistics: where they jail more and for more years is there a better society?

Conversely. According to biblical laws, there is no such thing as “sitting in prison.” This is not a punishment. By doing this, you take away a person’s opportunity to interact with society, to learn from it and somehow improve. Prison is not a system for correction, no one has come out of prison reformed.

Question: It will not teach others that you cannot humiliate and kill another? It won’t teach others and it won’t correct the person either? And money won’t help? If you pay crazy fines, it won’t help either?

Answer: Money may, somehow, sober him up, his parents (we’re talking about school). But no, it won’t help.

Question: So what’s the way out of this?

Answer: The solution is to educate people from an early age, even his parents before giving birth. You have to educate parents so that they have children whom they can raise properly.

People should get permission from society to give birth to a child and raise him.

Question: And what kind of permission should the school receive?

Answer: Accordingly everything should be aimed at ensuring that the people we give birth to, produce, and educate are brought up precisely as correct members of society. I’m already talking on a social level, not a spiritual one.

Question: You usually say: “In good relations with each other, in love with each other.” Is this precisely the path to the spiritual?

Answer: Yes. Even if they don’t know, it doesn’t matter. They should not think about the spiritual. They should think about mutual correct connection. And in it they will already reveal the spiritual.

Question: So society should look at itself and not at this criminal?

Answer: Society should look at itself. Society must cultivate the right attitude toward others. And in the right relation to others, it will suddenly begin to discover, precisely in these relations, completely different, higher relations, which it will call the upper world. And that’s it, nothing else.

Nowadays, people come to this because they want to feel the upper world, and therefore, by necessity they begin to study how we can begin to treat others well, if necessary, in order to feel the upper world, in order to understand our destiny. We would not like this, but this is the plan of nature, this is its meaning. So, I obey. I will bend my head and study these laws of kindness, proper interaction, and even the laws of love.

Therefore, those who come to Kabbalah classes are the biggest egoists.

Question: When does their shift happen?

Answer: After many years. We are preparing their external relations, the internal basis for this. But it’s hard. They do not initially want to be in love with their neighbor when they come.

Such people, with very little egoism, leave to spiritual practices, Eastern ones and so on. They are not interested in anything more.

But we are on the border of enlightenment—the real one.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/6/22

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