Everything Is Attained In Relation To Man

712.03After the Big Bang, due to the outspread of forces, a certain area began to form and a place appeared, followed by the universe. This place began to fill up, i.e., some properties of force began to manifest in it.

Naturally, the fact that we are talking about the past at all is a very big misconstruction. After all, we are talking about ourselves, about how we attain rather than what really happened without us. That we know nothing about and will never know.

We can determine everything only based on our senses, on our feelings. So I can’t say that this was happening. I understand that this happened in the past, that is, in my past, in my feelings, in my understanding.

I create a category of the past within myself, and work in it. I place the Big Bang there, the universe, this past. But this is my past. It was created in my imagination, in my perception.

In fact, there is no past. Whatever there is, I can only judge in relation to myself.

Therefore, we need to put everything that our science does in a very constrained framework. All this is only what we research and investigate. Just like the world with its laws that we are used to.

All the laws we study: mechanical, electrical, magnetic, biological, zoological, no matter what, interactions between all forms and properties of matter, energy, and information we study within the framework of our world.

Today it is already clear to us that if we find ourselves in some other, cosmic conditions, completely different laws would be at work. And those laws will have completely different forms. So, we can only talk about something relative to us. This is how we attain, how we reveal all this.

There is a very deep misconception here not only among ordinary people, but also among scientists because everything gets forgotten. We forget about the necessary condition that all this is attained, realized, perceived by man, meaning measured by us, felt by us, and seen by us, and not by other senses unknown to us.

All we know is that this is how we perceive the universe and ourselves right now. And if our geometry were different? Our minds would be arranged differently and what we think of as curved today, we would consider to be straight or flat. That is, it would appear very differently to us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Will of the Universe” 11/28/10

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