Unity In Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe principle of loving your neighbor as yourself summarizes and includes all the principles. We carry out the principle of fear and the principle of love through unity by annulling ourselves before the group, and through mutual guarantee by receiving the Light that Reforms. The Light brings us the state of fear and then love.

All of it together is called “carrying out the 613 commandments.” This is talking about the correction of desires. Every desire neutralizes its egoism and acquires a screen, the intention of bestowal.

I don’t see the steps of the ladder ahead of time. I build them myself through self-renunciation, which enables me to hold on to the group more and more strongly. That is how a single Kli forms inside me, aimed at the single Creator. This requires the principle called “single corresponds to single.”

All of our efforts and corrections are aimed at building this unity. A person discerns it by aspiring toward it and suppressing everything else. Who does he unite with? With the group, which he evaluates using just one criterion: the goal. He joins just this point of the goal which is present in the group, and not anything else inside those around him. He bows down before unity, focusing on it.

Then he is single and he unites with the single group, discarding everything else in his desire in order to reveal the single Creator who is Good and Does Good: the quality of bestowal. Thus, through love for others, a person acquires love for the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/10, “According to What is Explained Concerning Love Thy Friend as Thyself”

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