You Have To Wake Up To Be Able To Tell Reality From Dreams

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-forceQuestions I received on dreams, terminal cancer, manic illness and the Freemasons:

Question: My son asked me, “How do I know when something is a dream and when it isn’t?”

My Answer: You can only tell once you “wake up!”

Question: Our father has cancer. Today we were told that he has about two months left to live. He does not know about this. What’s your advice: should we tell him or keep him in the dark?

My Answer: Don’t tell him about this and help him to be joyful.

Question: If I can’t control my thoughts because they are given to me from above, what should I do to bear them? They haunt me and bring me harm. I saw a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with manic illness. However, the medication does not help me. What is your advice?

My Answer: Kabbalah requires a great deal of effort, both physical and mental. Therefore, it’s not for you. At least, not yet.

You have to look for the proper treatment. Don’t count on some kind of “healer” to come and cure you, but rather turn to medicine, sports, and massage. In addition, you should work a lot, especially in physical work.

Question: What do you think about the Freemasons who still work actively all around the world? Do you see an opportunity to work together with them?

My Answer: No!

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