CEO Faces Dilemma: Close Down The Company Or Explain The Laws Of Nature To Employees?

planA question I received: I am the CEO of a high-tech company in the center of Israel. Currently, sales are at a standstill, while expenses continue to mount as before. In addition, the crisis may continue to develop in unpredictable ways. I have two options: either I close down the company and fire all the employees, or I cut back on everything to the minimum and wait for the crisis to pass.

During one of the morning lessons, you said that everyone should sit down at a desk and learn about the laws of Nature. By doing this, we will draw a positive influence from above, and as a result, bring an end to the crisis. So would you recommend that I use the company’s savings to sit my employees down in a classroom and have them learn the science of correction? If yes, then what should I explain to them?

My Answer: Contact me through my assistant at 054-560-6721, and we can meet to discuss the possibility of the second option.

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