Coping With The Financial Crisis: A Change In Strategy?

turnIn the News: (from The European Parliament):Focus on the long term while tackling immediate economic crisis” MEPs [members of European Parliament] and national parliamentarians from the 27 Member States and the candidate countries began a two-day Joint Parliamentary Meeting to discuss “A New Deal for European Economic Recovery.” ECB [European Central Bank] President Jean-Claude Trichet said that stimulus packages should be aimed at fostering longer term structural adjustment.

My Comment: They’re starting to understand that they are not in control of the situation and that it’s pointless to try to plan anything, since there is no regulator! The lack of solid ground under their feet will make them keep searching for solutions until they’ll discover that the crisis was caused by just one thing: the lack of a complete, reciprocal and good connection between people.

As they keep searching for more answers, they will realize that it’s necessary to find a means to amend the connections between all the people in the world. And this is possible only by applying the method of Kabbalah – the science that explains this connection. Then, Kabbalah will truly become a science about our lives.

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