We Can No Longer Compete Against Each Other Because We’re A Single Organism

what-does-the-torah-say-about-the-red-stringIn the News (from The New York Times):Job Losses Pose a Threat to Stability Worldwide” “This is the worst we’ve had since 1929,” said Laurent Wauquiez, France’s employment minister. “The thing that is new [about this crisis] is that it is global, and we are always talking about that. It is in every country, and it makes the whole difference.”

My Comment: That’s right: the distinctive feature of this crisis is that it is global. This is qualitatively, not quantitatively, different. It isn’t just a crisis that has hit many countries, but a crisis that has hit everyone together. It has connected all the countries in the world even more, revealing our interconnection to everyone.

And now everyone has to learn about this phenomenon. The new laws and qualities of today’s civilization can only be created by means of a complete connection among all people, cultures, countries, and nations in our small village. We will not be able to come out of the crisis without creating these new qualities.

In the past, we progressed by means of simple competition, the way Darwin described it. Now, however, we are a single organism, and we can no longer compete with each other. On the contrary, the only way we can make progress is by drawing closer and reaching greater harmony with each other.

In the News (from Atlantic Monthly):The Capitalist Threatby George Soros There is something wrong with making the survival of the fittest a guiding principle of civilized society.

My Comment: Actually, it wasn’t wrong in the past, but it is now, when all our individual egos have united into one, global egoism. This change took place in the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, Baal HaSulam wrote that the whole modern world was already like one family – see the newspaper, “The Nation.”

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