Business Is A Product Of Egoism

laitman_547_06Question: How does Kabbalah relate to business?

Answer: Business is a product of egoism. If people had properly engaged in the development of their earthly infrastructure, they would have created a civilization in which all exists on an equal footing, they would have served each other, together they would take care of their children, grandchildren, and themselves.

All this would require a minimum amount of effort and time.  People wouldn’t waste too much effort on themselves but would cherish the land, nature, and the environment.

Egoism makes a person reach farther, grab more and more at the expense of others, and on this basis business came into existence. Business is the use of others to benefit oneself, in addition everything is legal and punishment can be avoided. In principle, such a subordination of a person to another person is the same as slavery, only more subtle, civilized, and tame.

Kabbalah states that this is a temporary phenomenon due to nature’s implementation of its own program.  As soon as we reach the level of self-awareness as integrally existing people who depend on each other, then all our political, economic, financial, trade, other interactions and communication will begin to crumble. We won’t be able to control and manage them.

The world will come to such a state where the means of production and finance won’t play any role because, on one hand, they will be suppressed by the human factor and, on the other hand, there will be a new technology that will make everything so accessible and cheap, it will lead to a depreciation of any other means.

Businesses today rely on triggering wars, on exploiting people, on keeping people sick for the prosperity of the pharmaceutical industry, etc.  However, everything comes to an end, as it all gradually withers away.

As a result, a person experiencing frustration and depression will reach a desire to destroy the world. It already has started with the Islamic fundamentalism.

Therefore, in any case, everything will be reborn either in an evil way (and we are already witnessing this), or, in a good way, depending on how much we succeed in explaining to humanity that there is another, a good way.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories,” Part 2, 10/23/14

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