Under The Domination Of The Upper Force

Laitman_712_03The Zohar, “Leviticus” (VaYikra)Kedoshim” (Holy), Item 108: When the Creator created the world, He established every single thing, each in its side, either on the right or on the left, and appointed high forces on them. Hence, you have not even a tiny blade of grass on earth that does not have a superior force over it in the upper worlds. And all that they do with each one, and all that each and everyone does is all by intensification of the upper force appointed over it from above.

The rigid governing of the word by the Creator leaves a person freewill with regard to one thing only: to carry out and fulfill the instructions of the upper force; it is concealed from in order for us to do them. A person is limited in every respect, except for performing the right actions, and he is constantly pushed to perform them, but not openly.

Thus, freewill is not in order to perform an action correctly (since you will perform it anyway), but to choose an environment that will help you advance seemingly independently with the help of an external system that dominates your work.

This isn’t actually an independent advance since an upper force descends upon you through the environment, by which you grow wiser, grow up, become more mature, and thus perform the actions correctly.

It turns out that you advance when you seem to independently to create an environment that is the right next phase in the correction of humanity. You are building an integral humanity by wanting to collect, correct, and unite it in order to work in order to bestow unto it.

If you don’t do it on your own, circumstances will force you to do so, but it will take much longer and does so along the path of suffering. We see what is happening to humanity now: terrible wars, personal and global problems, and natural disasters.

This sooner or later will bring us to the recognition and realization that connection and unity is the only correct action. Then, we will reach the simple solution that “bread and water” are enough, meaning that we only need the basic necessities of life, and everything else is in order to bestow.

Question: Does that mean that we will feel the complete recognition of the fact that there isn’t a tiny leaf of grass on earth that doesn’t have an upper force above in the upper worlds?

Answer: When we ascend the levels of the spiritual worlds, on every level we will get to know better not only the leaves of grass or atoms, but also different micro-forces that descend, which, by the way, are the strongest and the most influential. It is because the whole coarse mechanism of our world, which we feel until we find their origin, is made of them.

Question: It turns out that what is invisible is the strongest.

Answer: Yes, and this is what different discoveries and innovations prove. If you showed a primitive person a computer, for example, the first thing he would do is taste it. He wouldn’t understand what it is for. For him, doing something is hunting animals and finding food in order to survive.

What was acceptable even a hundred years ago is no longer relevant. We have invented and developed engines, mechanisms, and machines by which we can travel, but today we don’t need to go anywhere because we can see everything on the Internet. A person still finds it interesting to go out and see things, but this gradually is disappearing. Human existence is transforming into the level of thought.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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