Which Businesses Will Succeed?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately, you have been saying that no economic program or transaction will be successful without taking humanity into consideration. How can we explain this to people? They are unable to take all of humanity into consideration. The most they can understand is to consider a few companies or a number of people.

Answer: If I want to make a deal with someone and I want it to be successful, I must think: “What deal can be successful if the world has become round and is in a global crisis because we are unable to consider all the connections between us? What deals can I make without considering all these connections?” True, you can’t make any. So, what should I do? I should consider them as best as I can.

A business can be successful on condition that I also care for a fellow human being as much as I am able to the extent of my correction, as much as the fact that the world is round becomes revealed in the world. If the fact that the world is one hundred percent round would be revealed to us, we would find our hands and feet tied, and we would not be able to do anything. I am not able to find a piece of bread until you bring it to me, and you will not be able to feed yourself until I give you a piece of cake.

This is why these connections are not being revealed to us. We only discover minor faults in the connection between us: “So, what is the big deal?…” In this case, I need to take into consideration that I must contribute to the world and care for preparing people for the new world and their global education.

Education is the primary priority. If people and the world as a whole do not know where they are, this would be the worst thing. Essentially, this is the only difference between the current and the future reality: the perception of common interconnection where we exist, to see the strings that connect us with our own eyes.

This is why it is necessary to educate people first, to open their eyes, to impress them, make them feel and see that we are really connected, and that there is nothing that can be done. People will be able to make deals, conduct business, make calculations, and earn interest to the extent that they feel that there is nothing else they can and that we are really connected.

So, what do we do now? We try to act this way regardless, even if we do it artificially, to the extent of our understanding, for example, to give several percent to the world’s global education.

Let us say that the common connection between us is now being revealed as 3%. Then, a person is not required to be connected to the world more closely than an extra 3%. He must think that the world is interconnected and contribute to the world’s advancement in this direction. In our example, he would give 3% of his profit to global education.

Then, success will really accompany him. This is because in this way, he becomes harmoniously connected to nature, makes himself similar to it and in balance with it to a certain degree, and changes in the direction of a new tendency. He is not required to know at all the entire connection between us and act according to it.

When he attains this entire network and begins to realize the connections according to it, everything will become very simple. He will only take what he and his employees need and give everything else for the benefit of society. Then it is said that he knows the entire network and is connected with it like a cell in a single organism.

However, this is not required of him now. Instead of only keeping what he needs, he keeps 97% and gives 3% to the education of the world. It may be 5% a year from now, and 50% in another five years. And thus we will advance gradually, to the extent that we sense and move toward the contemplation of the network that connects us and obligates us to act in accordance with it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/9/2011, Rabash’s article

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  1. Education is important, because a lot of people don’t see this kind of subject matter as something that you talk about in real life. The general attitude is that if it isn’t affecting me in a bad way, why worry about it? So, to this general attitude, those who care about the world are either religious, which is too personal for some, or they are off studying in a corner somewhere at a University. I think if Kabbalah were taught as something as important as an “ethics” or “logic” class like they do in college Philosophy courses, then it would be something others would sort of get. In public schools, at least in the United States, Philosophy isn’t generally taught. Or any sort of critical thinking course that has to do with society as a whole. Sociology courses are offered and math. But nothing together or pertaining to our interactions with others. Education is important. We are lacking it!

  2. The only real problem with this is the idea that we might feed a sloth. It is critical sometimes, that in order to give to someone, one does not actually give but restricts the light. This is very particular to a situation, and is usually actually when one is ruled by only the heart, and has no power to resist feeding uncontrollably. Like a drug addict.

  3. Dear Rav,

    With regards to putting in practice the above article

    If you are a minority shareholder (partner) in a company and your partners are not studying Kabbalah,. How do you explain them to pay 3% of our/their profit to an institution in Israel who are preparing the right education material for the new world ?

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