A Never-Ending Flow Of Pleasure

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that people can fulfill themselves only by passing the pleasure on to others. The problem is that people want to receive the pleasure by keeping it within himself.

However, if the pleasure was to transfer from him to someone else, and so on, and in this way spreads among everyone, it would become a never-ending flow! In addition, then you will not only experience life during these brief moments when pleasure fills you but also when it immediately disappears and leaves you empty.

So, if we would be able to connect between us into a common, endless system, when the flow of pleasure will flow constantly through us, like through the cells of our common “body,” then we would perceive the eternal life in absolute goodness that comes from everyone.

So, what is the absolute goodness? It is the continuous, never-ending, infinite pleasure!

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When you connect with others this way, and pleasure, Light, and the perception of life flow through you, you give life to the entire system, like cells in a physical organism pass the essentials to one another, and thus they guarantee the existence of the organism. However, besides the animal life of our body, the realization of the human level appears in this system. This is because every one of the cells not only passes the life energy to one another, but also the desires and the thoughts.

Pleasure by itself is something abstract like electricity, which can be used according to ones’ needs: heating, cooling, creating pressure or a vacuum, and so on. In addition, when pleasure flows between everyone in an endless system like this, then everyone fills themselves with the things that they want, the things they strive for.

However, besides the sensation of an eternal and perfect life, perception of the life of the entire system appears in this system, a perception of the Creator, His level, and His plan. This is similar to the way our body, as a result of its biological function, creates the conditions for us to feel human, which is a level higher than the body itself, the animalistic level.

A Never Ending Flow of Pleasure

From the Lecture on the Topic: “My First Convention”11/2/10

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