A Treasure Chest Hidden In The Desert

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are the first generation (which is also the “last generation of the egoistic world”) that must realize the wisdom of Kabbalah and make a leap into the spiritual world. If all of the hundreds of thousands of people (or, possibly several million) who study Kabbalah around the world unify, we will definitely reach the power that will allow us to break through the border between the spiritual and corporeal world, which is called the Machsom, and attain love.

Baal HaSulam “Preface to the Last Generation”: There is a fable telling about a group of people who got lost in the desert and were suffering from hunger and thirst. One of them found an abode filled with abundance and remembered his unfortunate comrades. However, he has gone so far from them that didn’t know where they were. What did he do? He started to shout loudly and blow his horn so that perhaps his poor friends would hear his calling, come to him, and also enter this abundant temple.

We are facing the same predicament: We are lost in a frightening desert with all mankind, and we finally found a big treasure filled with riches. They are Kabbalistic texts…

And now, gentlemen, here, in the treasure chest you see before you, there lies a book where all wisdom regarding a state is explained, along with all possible paths of an individual and a society that get realized in the future.

Open these books, and you shall find there all the correct arrangements of life that will be revealed in the end of days, which will give you a good lesson in how to put everything in order today.

Although Kabbalah is regarded as science and wisdom and seems to be hidden, exalted, mysterious, and possibly even frightening (however, in recent years, these myths about Kabbalah have been dissipating), we must understand that it all speaks about unity between us. If people unify, they will begin to experience here and now through greater internal mutual connection this stream of energy flowing between them.

We are already in it, as if in the fog, but don’t feel our authentic, true condition. We need to disperse this fog, come back to consciousness, and then we will find ourselves in the world full of Light and start living eternal and complete life.

We will see all the worlds and feel that we are not only above everything that occurs in this material world, but will receive new consciousness and perception. We are yet to accomplish this, and everything depends on how much effort we will make to dive deeper and feel the bond between us.
From the World Kabbalah Congress 2010 11/9/10, Lesson 1

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