Gathering The Roses Among Thorns

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said that the people of Israel went into exile in order to attach the souls of the world to itself. This means that there are many spiritual sparks that we need to find and attach to ourselves. This happens at the time when Israel is among the other nations.

Being in exile does not refer to a physical presence in a foreign place, but a fall from the degree of bestowal and love. However, illumination passes through Israel to the souls of the nations of the world, which begins to awaken the sparks, the souls for whom it is time to join the desires of Galgalta ve Eynaim and become Israel (aspiring to straight to the Creator).

They join Israel not from the very beginning, nor from the time when Abraham began to gather this people in Babylon, but later, and in other generations. But during this process, there is scrutiny and choice of suitable desires, for the sake of which the people of Israel went into exile.

The exile did not happen because the people of Israel needed to be corrected. On the contrary, Israel so corrected itself, that at the time of exile, it was capable of connecting additional desires, the spiritual genes that are between egoistic forces (Klipot).

It is necessary to treat all the representatives of other nations who today join Israel accordingly. This is our work-in-exile, and it could finish quickly. Everything depends on our work with the awakening souls. Therefore, special respect, love, and the desire to get closer to them is required.

Night, darkness, and exile is the time of work. At this time, there are certain concealments by which we can make contact with the sparks inside the egoistic forces. And by connecting them to us, we demand our collective ascent. But we want to rise just for them and not for ourselves.

If the people of Israel thus gives itself for the correction of the world, then the exile is over. Indeed, by this we realize our true destiny. We are merely the means that is designed to draw all the desires suitable for correction from the depths of egoism. Israel is an adapter, a guide, ready to descend into the sea of the impure forces to pull out spiritual sparks.

Thus, it is so important to disseminate and work with all of our groups around the world, all the friends. It is called the work in darkness, in exile.

Rabbi Chaim Vital writes concerning this in his book The Eight Gates of Kitvei HaAri. What is the reason for the exile of the people of Israel among the nations? The fact is that Adam HaRishon included all the souls and all the worlds. And after his transgressions, these souls fell into the egoistic forces and divided into 70 nations. Therefore, Israel is needed to reveal these forces within each nation and gather all the roses of holy souls scattered among the thorns. The sages said that Israel went into exile only to connect the souls of the peoples of the world to itself.

This proves that the work we do in dissemination is the most correct, and we need to invest even more strength of effort into it. We must treat every person who wants to join us, such as those who are now at the European Convention in Verona, as strong participants, which are very necessary to do the work of the Creator.

Indeed, for the sake of these souls, Israel goes through a long and terrible exile. All this is in order to spread a little Light among these souls, get closer to them, and to be able to rise from the darkness together.

Israel plunges into egoistic desires (Klipot) and pulls out the spiritual sparks. But at the same time, Israel is only an intermediary, and in reality, the Creator needs the souls of other nations. After all, they are the real vessels in which then the Light of Hochma clothes.

Israel belongs only to Galgalta ve Eynaim, the desires to bestow. Our function is bestowal for the sake of bestowal, providing other nations with the strength by which they will be able to receive the Light in order to bestow.

Therefore, night and day, exile and liberation, are relative concepts. It all depends on how a person perceives them, since night and exile are not necessarily bad times. It is such periods that were originally planned in the process we are going through and we must use them for our work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/14, Shamati #16

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