The Cost Of A Kilogram Of Pleasure

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the Talmud Babyli Berachot, it is written: Go and make a living from one another. And as human beings we make a living from one another. Yet very rapidly our profit will be in discovering the unique pleasure of the connection between us.

Warmth, concern, and admiration give us a feeling of going outside of ourselves to such a level of connection that is independent of the body. We create a place where we feel tranquillity and pleasure, a dimension in which everyone is found in a general atmosphere of warmth and goodness. A person will feel that he is living with desire and fulfillments that are disconnected from the body.

The tendency towards drugs, the attraction to rioting and revolution, the attempts to relax through medicines to silence the emptiness inside, all testify that we must find a new tool, a new desire and new senses for true pleasure.

Nature pushes us relentlessly towards a kind of global connection. We see what impressions are created with people in discussion circles and connection games and how they love to play together like children, to sing and dance. Adults, educated and level-headed, are ready to behave like little children. And the need for these simple pleasures continues until the end of life.

There is an additional step to this that is still hidden, and a person yearns for it subconsciously. This is to break away from living only on the level of an animal. We have already reached a state where we are ready to provide ourselves with the necessary standard of living required for our corporeal lives.

But our ego, our distortion, prevents us from doing this. And in the meantime, the need for the next level of development, the level of Adam, is becoming clearer in people. The central role in this belongs to the media.

The means of communication today have already reached dimensions that make it possible to be closely involved with the analysis and study of the paths of future development in humanity. It is not enough to provide facts about them, nor is it enough to just stay in one place like today; rather, people must be attracted to a new form of pleasure.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/10/13

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