We Don’t Want To Study, We Want To Enjoy!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are many social networks today. How do you see their development? What will be the values, processes, rules, and feelings they offer?

Answer: I would start with a short review. The general tendency of the network is to allow people to connect.

This connection should become increasingly more developed so that everyone will feel life unlimited by time or space. It is about the psychological development of the user who understands and feels himself and the world more and more. It isn’t by chance that people came up with the name “Internet”— an internal network between us.

This network should be internal, not because of communication channels and endless other options of connecting, but thanks to a direct and open mutual connection. Thanks to that, we will know how to open ourselves to cooperation and to filling ourselves and others. This is called a bilateral mutual connection from me outwards and from the inside towards me.

If we clean the virtual space of the dirt within it, the only thing left will be many desires that are trying to find fulfillment and that eventually don’t receive anything. This emptiness should accumulate as such a general emptiness that it will push us to a more qualitative development. The next phase is to teach people how to connect correctly in order to fill themselves.

This approach is totally rejected at the moment, of course. I would try to interest Internet owners to develop new programs, especially in order to educate users. Working with psychologists and programmers, we have to develop special games that will subtly attract people to a new form of connection.

It isn’t about courses and not even about short clips. A person doesn’t want to study. He wants to see and to enjoy. People love to watch programs about delicious food hoping that it will fulfill them, like sex that fills them instantly. They see themselves as kings and rulers and they enjoy this adventure.

This means that they want to feel good immediately:”Connect me with the source of pleasure, with a simple direct channel without any preconditions.” This is the reason we have to develop  software that will make a person feel pleasure each time he changes himself, even a little.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/7/13

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