“Tamagotchi” – The Game Of The Future?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of the common phenomena among youth is the constant updating of their status in social networks. The more often I post my pictures, the more friends I have. These actions are seemingly an expression of a tendency to connect, but in fact, it is a process for its own sake.

Answer: Since a desire for connection has been awakened in people, they feel an attraction to communications media. In the meantime, this process is in a transitory phase because they don’t know how to utilize these tools correctly. Their desire has not been examined enough, is not yet ripe, and communications media are still not compatible with the right needs and demands that are being discovered.

When we begin to mold a connection between us like a virtual “Tamagotchi” into which everyone contributes his concern, warmth, and beauty, then we will feel our lives are found precisely there within this connection. Our bodies are here, and my consciousness, my true self, is there.

Comment: The Tamagotchi toy demands my concern, but doesn’t give anything back in return.

Answer: Clearly, plastic remains plastic. Whereas a human level exists above me and is greater than I am. From that I receive a million times more than I invest. Moreover, I don’t stay in my place, but with my soul, I am found there, in connection with everyone. And we are not just many, but together we become something that melts and becomes one body.

From many parts, thanks to the warmth between them, one body is created. And everyone receives the awareness, understanding, feeling, and warmth of everyone. The new level of existence of humanity is like this. And I hope that communications media will help us attain it as quickly as possible.
From the program “A New Life” 2/12/14

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