An Adventure On The Mountain Of Ruminations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we rise above ourselves, above our egoistic essence, does this inner ascent change the connection with external nature?

Answer: This ascent makes it possible to truly connect with all of nature.

When standing on the summit of Mount Everest, a person sees himself as a great and strong conqueror having attained his goal. An egoistic longing for control has been satisfied. Now he will have something to talk about and remember. And what is next?—Nothing. Now he begins the descent.

Spiritual ascent is completely different. Here the mountain (Har – הר) means doubt (Hirhurim – הרהורים). I am full of doubts and I debate whether to ascend or not, whether to overcome or not. This is a complete process. To be able to move through it, we have been given the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is a guide that will help us.

It is important to understand that I rise above our world, above the universe, above everything. Then I look at the Earth  and see all of it, all of nature, all of the mechanisms and interrelationships within it that cannot be disconnected. In the moon and the sun, the stars, our galaxy, and everywhere, I see threads of connection and begin to feel true wholeness. But I don’t control any of it. I identify with it all, and I connect to the system.

So it is impossible to compare this adventure with anything. After all, we attain a wholeness not found on any of the summits on the face of the Earth or depths of the oceans.

Question: Doesn’t a climber, when he climbs a mountain, overcome himself and then look at the world from a height above the whole world? The idea here is that he doesn’t just physically conquer the summit. Exactly how does this overcoming differ from spiritual overcoming?

Answer: Every athlete must overcome himself when leaping to a new height, rushing to a finish line, lifting a weight. Even in ordinary life, I must overcome various difficulties and continue on at every moment. This is a natural state for us.

But in spirituality, overcoming is not directed against nature but with it, adding balance, unity, and connection between me and all of nature at every moment. So while I advance in this direction, I am never get into trouble, I ‘m not buried under an avalanche, or drown in a turbulent river.

On the contrary, I discover that nature is more and more dear to me because I approach it and connect with all of its levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking. Specifically, the main thing here is the human (speaking) level, where I must reach the state of loving others as myself.

So it follows that in such a manner I reach new forms of connection and have nothing more to fear. No disaster will ever happen to me, I will never cause damage, to myself , to others, or to humanity as a whole. This is the way to balance and harmony, despite the heroism of everyone who surmounts mountain peaks and descends to the depths of the oceans. Their overcoming them, it is essentially an aspiration to control, which is the characteristic of Pharaoh.

Question: In what manner are disasters prevented?

Answer: Due to equilibrium. Humans are the highest link in nature, so if they create balance, then all of nature is in balance. On the contrary, if a person creates imbalance, then the lack of balance that he creates in nature ultimately harms the person himself more than anything else.

Question: How exactly does a person create balance?

Answer: This is through the desire that all of human society will dwell in balance. Here participation, connection, equality, and mutual concern are required. It is when the whole world becomes one loving family. Without a doubt, balance between people will lead to the right attitude towards all of nature.

And then we attain its comprehensive power, the formula for harmony that penetrates it, the universal law of all of nature. We attain “there is none else beside Him” and that “He is the good and beneficent.” We identify with this overall energy of the entire system and we attain it in its wholeness. This is the goal of our development.

We must reach this in the coming years with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. I am sure that this will happen soon, and hopefully in the best way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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