If We Only Knew How Much We Gain

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What benefits do I get when I contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of Kabbalah in the world? What rewards do I get from the Creator when I tell the whole world that we need to achieve adhesion with the Creator?

Answer: There is only one soul that broke and fell into many pieces. And now each part, each of us, restores its part of the whole vessel of the soul. I put together the entire vessel according to my properties, you organize and put it together according to your properties, she does it according to hers, etc.

So, it’s important to bring a lot of people in this world to study and to correction. For instance, I was able to bring 50 people to study Kabbalah with Rabash.

We are one integral soul where everyone is included in each other and every one contains parts of all the others. Obviously, what is good for me is awakening some fragments of the soul lifelessly lying on the floor.

I wake them, ignite them, revive them, and convince them that it is worth studying and striving towards the goal, and they then start to do something. Thus, I awaken others, and they make a correction for me!

It’s not that I’m doing them a favor by pushing them to the correction, to the purpose of creation and the Creator. On the contrary, by prompting others, I persuade them to perform work for me, since they correct my soul.

Suppose I come to a convention and teach you. Believe me, I gain a lot, more than all of you, to the extent that I pass knowledge on to you and an awakening. I awake you and you begin to correct yourselves, but, in fact, you are correcting my soul.

We do not understand this and therefore neglect dissemination. It seems to us that no matter how many people know about Kabbalah, we aren’t personally affected. Internally, I possess such properties that I can never correct directly, but only through someone in a roundabout way.

If the group is awake and affects me by inspiring me with the greatness of the Creator and the spiritual goal, then I awake and start working while being fueled by friends.

I take a student and begin to teach him, and while studying, he corrects my soul. If we had only known how much a person benefits from dissemination, everyone would have rushed excitedly to the group to disseminate. It’s like opening a factory where your employees work for you. Students correct the teacher’s soul.
From the Congress In Verona “Day Two” 11.22.14, Lesson 4

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