Kabbalah’s View On Education

963.6Kabbalah considers man and his upbringing only relative to the purpose of creation.

We exist in order to achieve a certain goal, and it is not within our life but in what we reveal in all nature, which is called the Creator. In Kabbalah, the concept of nature is equivalent to the concept of the Creator.

Upon reaching connection with all of nature, not only with what we now see and observe in our small world but with its wholeness, we begin to feel that we exist eternally and in perfection. It is this level that a person must reach during this life. This is the only purpose of our existence.

And this is not what our education gives a person. We teach him just like an animal teaches its young to survive, to create a family correctly, and to produce offspring. So, from generation to generation, we take care of our life at the animate level.

It doesn’t matter that our technologies develop because as long as our animate organism, our body, exists, we want to create seemingly the most comfortable environment for it. Therefore, this level is animate and a person does not differ from an animal.

In fact, it is the category of human that we can develop in us so that we feel an eternal, perfect state, when each of us rises above our petty egoism and reaches the general sensation of whole  nature. Nobody teaches us this.

If you want to uplift a person, you must show him a different perspective, what it is that is worth living for, what it is that is worth directing your efforts to. And if all this life is only inside the animate body, then I do not care about anything: I can jump from the roof, I can do whatever I want with myself. Nobody cares about me and I do not care about anyone because everyone feels like a little individualist.

All our relations in society are built on this: “I do not touch you, you do not touch me.” And this is completely wrong. From day to day we reveal how universal nature is, how interconnected we are in a small village, how the butterfly effect, mutual responsibility, and mutual influence on each other works.

From the side of nature, we reveal that everything is interconnected and is in such close dependence that there is no escape from it.

Question: Perhaps we are not yet aware that laws of interdependence apply directly to our lives?

Answer: Even if we are aware of them, we still cannot take over. Moreover, we do not yet have the opportunity to approach their realization.

The science of Kabbalah is being revealed in our time, it deals with this, and it can give us such an opportunity. But we are only at the beginning of the path and humanity does not yet understand what it is.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” 8/24/09

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