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How Not To Go Along With Biases?

629.3Question: Our brain categorizes everything it feels. From these categorizing what is known as bias grows. That is, a person thinks in patterns and often makes decisions that were originally ingrained in him. Sometimes these decisions can be wrong, unfair.

Scientists say that one of the methods of preventing bias is to stop a person in time and ask him the appropriate questions. Basically, make him pause so that he asks himself, “What assumptions do I have? What influences me in order to make the right decision?”

We are subjected to bias from birth. What can I do about it? How can I not succumb to it?

Answer: I believe that nothing will help except the right environment, which will influence a person. If one begins to question himself, to remember some of his schemes, habits, and patterns implanted in him from childhood, it will not have any results. The only remedy is to be constantly under the strong influence of the right environment.

It turns out that you can only fight against bias by changing it to another. That is, a person is initially under the influence of one society, which forms something in him. Then he gets under another influence and it forms something new in him.

Nothing can be done otherwise. Then there will be a third society, a fourth, and so on, which will influence him more and more. However, from each environment, he will receive what it imbues him with. In this way, he will begin to comprehend everything better and go up the degrees.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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How To Achieve Spiritual Connection

537Dear Michael Laitman, 

Sometimes I have a feeling that I remember myself being still inside my mother like a fetus. And then I feel so good, all worries go away, all problems are resolved, you are safe, you are taken care of. Do I really remember this? Could this be? Or is it an illusion?

Answer: In general, this is an illusion although many people consider such a sensation of intrauterine development being reliable. As the saying goes: “Mom, take me back.”

But, in principle, this is not what we should strive for.

We need to strive to perceive the general force of nature, which is called mother, so that we place ourselves in it correctly and go through all the stages of spiritual development, which also are called: conception, intrauterine development, birth, nursing, and so on all the way up to our highest state.

Question: What is a spiritual embryo? Is it a feeling of being safe, in peace?

Answer: Yes. When you completely dissolve in nature, when you completely surrender yourself to it and thus progress in your development.

Question: Does a person spiritually begin to feel that he is inside nature?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are one’s sensations very similar to the sensations of the fetus inside the mother? One only needs to move forward?

Answer: Kabbalists talk about advancing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/26/2

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 10/30/20

570Question: Is personal space and its boundaries important to you?

Answer: Of course.

Question: How do you keep people from crossing your personal space?

Answer: I show that this is where our common interests end.

Question: How long can you be alone, without contact with people?

Answer: Endlessly.

Question: Does a Kabbalist open up access to his personal space by writing articles, books, and other materials?

Answer: Personal space is personal. By describing my life in print or speaking to the public, I reveal myself. But this is by no means my personal space. Personal is where only I and the Creator are.

Question: Why do people have a need to touch others, to violate someone else’s personal space?

Answer: They want rapprochement, they want to convey their emotions, although this is not always favorably met by the interlocutor.

Question: How do we relate to a person who reacts very sharply to violation of personal space? For example, he is against a welcome hug.

Answer: We need to put some kind of barrier between ourselves and them so as not to violate this space. Perhaps for you it may even be less than a touch, but for him a distance of a meter is already entering his zone.

Question: The reduction of the distance between people consists in the correction of society. What distance are you talking about?

Answer: I am talking about a general understanding of the goal of creation, the goal of development.

Question: What should fill the space between us?

Answer: Love.

Question: Like every person, you probably have close students and distant ones. How do you divide people into these categories?

Answer: By devotion. Not only to me, the main thing is the goal.

Question: The wisdom of Kabbalah says that all people should become one. Does this mean that there will be no distance between people at all?

Answer: There won’t. Although they are all very different, there will be no distance.

Question: Will social distancing help contain the spread of the coronavirus?

Answer: No. The coronavirus will disappear, like all other problems that will come for it, only if people begin to draw closer to each other in their hearts.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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Artificial Political Correctness

552.03Question: Today, in many European countries, people in their everyday life are forced to check their every word in order to not be accused of intolerance, sexism, or racism. Such an attitude toward minorities has been made in society artificially. What do you think about that?

Answer: Such local excesses are absolutely unacceptable. Minorities use this for their own political ends. But in the end we will come to a state when everyone wins, not one part of society over another one.

Question: At present, the task of political correctness and tolerance is to prevent the use of expressions that hint at discrimination and racism since they impede communication between people.

It turns out that tolerance is good. Even if I do not treat others like that, but I play it, I do not offend a person on purpose. Could a game like this lead us to a better state?

Let’s say I’m racist by my nature. But there is a law in the country and to follow it, I cannot offend a person. Nevertheless, we can see that this does not develop further, does not pass into mindfulness, but always remains at the external level. And at the first opportunity, everything collapses.

Answer: This will gradually pass away. In the meantime, it is worthwhile to introduce tolerance laws, even by violent methods, carefully, gradually. As a result, people will see that it really works.

Question: By glossing over all the causes of the disease, we do not let ourselves establish the correct diagnosis and come to the realization that I am a racist indeed. Doesn’t such political correctness prevent you from coming to the realization of evil?

Answer: No. On the contrary, by working on yourself, you begin to realize who you really are. Internally, you realize the evil of your nature, that you really hate others, that you are a racist. On the other hand, laws, political correctness, still keep you within limits.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 9/10/20

281.02Question: Why is one behavior socially approved and another condemned? What is the origin of moral norms?

Answer: Egoism, how beneficial it is to society.

Question: Old people always think young people are immoral. What do you think?

Answer: I believe that young people go through their own path of development which leads them to even higher moral development than the previous generation.

Question: How should morality be assessed from the point of view of evolution: as an invented cultural set of rules or something else?

Answer: Morality is our mutual relationship in the single organism of the soul which we must evaluate, define, and fulfill.

Question: Do animals have any moral standards?

Answer: They are not moral but instinctive, natural.

Question: What is the difference between the concepts of morality, ethics, and spirituality from your point of view?

Answer: None. If these conditions are met correctly, then they are all the same.

Question: Is there a difference between male and female morality?

Answer: No. This is expressed only at the animate level by the fulfillment of these moral conditions and nothing more.

Question: How do you feel about the ethical, moral people who follow all the rules?

Answer: I treat them like little children.

Question: Have you ever done anything that goes against your moral standards?

Answer: Obviously, yes.

Question: What, in your opinion, is most likely to stimulate people’s moral behavior?

Answer: Example.

Question: What should be higher: interests of the state expressed in legal regulations or man’s own worldview, his vision of fair behavior in a particular situation?

Answer: Public opinion. I must obey it even if I am in conflict with it.

Question: How do morality and ethics affect human intelligence?

Answer: To the extent that I can be guided by the ethics and morality of the environment and my personal space, to that extent I go right to the highest goal.

Question: Is it possible to have such a state in society when taking care of oneself is considered immoral?

Answer: Everything that is not for the benefit of society is immoral.

Question: What do you think the public morality of the future may be in developed countries?

Answer: Developed countries are those that constantly and consistently develop and adapt “love your neighbor” as the highest law of development of their societies.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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From “I” To “We”

557Question: Experts from the University of California found that the main indicator of a good and happy relationship is when the couple uses “we” in a conversation.

The use of the word “we” is an indication of closer relations between people, that they are not bound to their egoism in their relationship, and that they intend to develop fruitful cooperation between them.

Humanity has been constantly living in “I,I,I,” and continues to live this way. Have we reached a dead end by this way of speaking?

Answer: No, the usage of “I” is not a dead end because it is my essence. This is what I stand on, where I am moving, what I want to do to improve this world, and this is the reason that I don’t think that it is a negative way to speak. On the contrary, it depends on what I draw toward and connect to this “I.”

Question: What do I need to attach to the “I?”

Answer: I have an opinion, I have power, I have the capability, I have a good attitude toward others, I want to embody all that, and then the “I” is a positive element.

Question: And what is a negative use of the “I?”

Answer: It is the opposite, of course, when I want to dominate others for the sake of my “I.” It is actually the “I” that needs to be very clear to a person.Who is this “I”?

Question: And how does a person advance from the position of the “I”?

Answer: From the “I” we move toward “we,” but “we” exists only and always as the common denominator of our “I” and not in any other way. When I begin to subdue myself before “we,” but I do it and not someone else who tells me “we” in a familiar way, when I subdue myself and say “we,” which means that I am ready to connect with others, knowing that the outcome will be the one common “I,” this is already a different level.

This is already an ascent above the small “I” to the big “I,” which includes the “we” in it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/4/18

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The Only Way To Get Closer

565.01Question: How does intercultural ideology help the personal spiritual development of each individual?

Answer: It helps us to rise above all differences. I held classes with students in Los Angeles and wondered how they communicate with each other. One of them is black, the other one is yellow, the third one is white, this one is wrapped in a Muslim headscarf, and that one walks with the Star of David. They answered my questions by saying, “You know, we do not notice this.”

Today, this may no longer be the case. But, in those years, they said, “We have become so accustomed to each other and we communicate so closely with each other that all those external attributes do not bother us.”

Comment: One of the advantages of that kind of society is that emigrants are a source of knowledge and a qualified labor force. They bring new tastes, styles, music, culture, as well as the opportunity to learn different languages and religions.

But all of these cultural and scientific interests within different nations disappear as soon as conflict arises. What interferes with them? It seems that there has been an upbringing in which billions are invested and, nevertheless, we can see what is happening now, for example, in America.

My Response: This upbringing is wrong. Nothing will help. The mistake is that they have not been taught how to get close to each other in the right way. Everyone is given freedom in all respects, and they believe that they have found the right way to get closer to each other this way. This is wrong.

Nature only has one way of getting closer, which is for a person to rise above his nature and prefer to be in connection with his neighbor, above his egoism. This should be taught. This should be introduced gradually.

Without changing human nature, it is impossible to solve anything. We are approaching this eventuality today. We must understand human nature, otherwise we will not survive.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 9/25/20

281.02Question: What are the dangers of group work?

Answer: If it acts correctly, according to the advancement of society, then there is no danger.

Question: Is collective intelligence the future of humanity or the death of an individual?

Answer: I believe that the personality should dissolve in the general intellect.

Question: Is there genetic transmission of group skills into humans?

Answer: Yes. Even scientists say that there is something called internal memory.

Question: Can a group of people when uniting between them increase the wisdom of each participant?

Answer: I think not. The most important thing for us is connection where we begin to feel unity and understand this force. Unity is the result of our correct development.

When you unite with others, your personal intelligence dissolves into everyone. Instead of being individual, you acquire something common.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/ 25/20

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Why Give Birth To Children In This Horrible World?!

632.1Question: From a letter: “I am full of hatred for the parents who brought me into this world! Why? Did they not see that this world is a garbage heap, that it is not fit for a living?! I do not want to live in it and I cannot leave on my own. I live with constant pain.

Despite this, I am married. But I said to my wife on the first date: “We will not have children.” She agreed. We have been married for five years. My wife asked me to write to you and ask for your opinion. But so you know, my mind is made up.”

That person writes with an unambiguous opinion that he is not going to bring children into this world. But his wife seems to want to. What do we do with all this? Is the world really such that it is scary to bring children here?

Answer: So, what? It is scary, but you bring them. Do the right thing, what a person should do. Do everything for it.

Question: Should I think about children?

Answer: You should think about children, you will think about children. Now you are not thinking about children, you are thinking about yourself.

You have to give birth to the next generation. Because that is the way in nature—look at animals. As for the next generation, we are like animals. Each couple should give birth to a boy and a girl.

Question: Those who have decided that they do not want to, can they be called a family?

Answer: This is the highest egoism, and you cannot call them a family.

A family is a male and female individual who create their own kind.

I say what is written in Kabbalah. Kabbalistic wisdom is higher than our world’s, and it speaks about how it is established by nature. Call it nature or the Creator. We are obliged to reproduce our own kind, and thus we continue ourselves in our descendants.

Question: And for those people who deliberately do not continue themselves in descendants, does something, somehow later respond to them or not?

Answer: Their story ends with them. But a person should strive to continue oneself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/30/20

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Disappearing Distances

546.02Question: Do Kabbalists know how to measure distance?

Answer: Yes, but this is a very difficult technique since they measure the distance, not only between egoisms, but also between altruisms, meaning between souls.

Question: How is this distance measured?

Answer: In Kabbalistic units.

Question: How much personal space does a person need physically?

Answer: I think that, as a result of our correction, we will come to a state where we will not need any space between us, but will begin to live together as one person with one heart.

Question: When uniting, is it important to observe personal space? Do we annul it, dissolve into each other or rise above it and each person remain with his own space?

Answer: No. We are united by the common power of the Creator that fills and embraces us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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