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117Question: A perfume company launched a line called “Individuality” One of their advertising pitches was: “If you feel your uniqueness and individuality, if you are absolutely sure that you are unlike others, these perfumes are for you.”

Where does this sense of individuality and the desire for it come from in a person?

Answer: I will not argue with the French about perfumes, and about the way all of them, the individualists, rushed to buy them. Of course, it looks ridiculous. If I am an individualist, will I listen to what the ads tell me? How can this be? On the contrary, I am in the herd, and I am part of it. I run where I am beckoned.

True individualism is inherent in us by nature. Moreover, this is the uppermost quality of a person, since each of us has his own point in the Creator, one’s own root, from which we descended into this world.

We all exist within Him, and each of us has descended through his own thread to our world. This thread connects me to my root, which is in the Creator, and this point in Him is unique.

This is my personal, individual quality, unrelated to anyone or anything else. It is really just mine. The body can die and be born since it is only a garment on my individual point. I need to develop this point within myself.

Therefore Kabbalah gives a person the opportunity to become an absolute individual. After all the most important thing is to identify this point and be connected with it because these are my original qualities; this is me.

I do not depict myself relative to others, but I look at myself, at my point, which is in the Creator, and how I can make sure that I am completely connected with it. Then through it I will begin to feel the Creator, I will feel how I can be equal, similar, to Him, but in an individual way, specifically me.

It is said that when a person gives account for his life after death, he is asked only one thing: “Have you achieved the realization of your individuality?” Nothing else. You do not have to be like the saints, or the great ones, or the beau monde, or anyone or anything. You are standing as if naked, already without this world, and you are asked if you have realized yourself.

Question: It seems to a person that he looks at the world through the prism of his body, his five senses. It turns out that he looks at the world through his soul. Is that why each of us has an individual perception?

Answer: The perception of our world and the perception of the upper world are individual because each of us has his own spiritual root, his own source, his own point from which we are born. Although we exist in the same world and seemingly perceive it in the same way, still everyone perceives everything in their own way.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up: Individualist” 1/15/10

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