Introductory Lecture: The Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanComplete Transcript of the Introductory Lecture: “The Arvut – Mutual Guarantee”

We are going through some very rough times in the life of our country. The problem is that today people around the world, not just people in our country, do not know how to solve the problems that have risen. But the solution suddenly comes in the form of the people; this happens in different countries, and now we can observe this in Israel.

We do not yet know whether this is an epidemic of some sort or on the contrary, a certain good wave, which will bring the world to order. But people, living in different places around the globe, feel the urge to go outside and express their wishes and hopes.

This happens because for a very long time now, almost sixty years, there has been a tendency around the world, which points to the supposed end of our entire history: The world is becoming submerged in crises, which manifests in every area of people’s lives.

People are no longer able to create a normal family; this leads to the multitude of divorces, children not able to live with their parents, leave their parents’ homes early, and use drugs and alcohol. But the crisis does not only manifest in the family unit, it encompasses society, industry, economy, the education system, culture, and even science. Scientists themselves are stating that science has come to a dead end and cannot develop further. We really seem to have hit a wall.

Over the course of thousands of years, we developed from one generation to another with the assumption that our children will have a better life. We suffered, as it were, for our children in hope they would be happy. Our love for them forced us to develop and work hard sacrificing ourselves. But now none of this exists; today we are no longer convinced that they will have a better life than we did. This is why people no longer want to have and raise children: Who needs it and why? What will this unfortunate child be born for, to see this complicated and meaningless life?

And the understanding of the fact that there is no meaning or purpose to it literally penetrates our brain. We do not see a solution; we cannot find an answer. It is as if mankind were suffocating in their inability to somehow move. And the entire world feels this.

But the main thing is the financial and economic crisis because the common crisis manifests in it. After all, economy connects the entire world into a single net. Industrial, commercial, and interbank relations: These are the imprints of our desires and aspirations. In other words, our relationships are essentially measured with money. What can you do? Such is the world. This is why a crisis in economy is a special sign.

At the same time we reveal that our world has become small. Literally within 24 hours, a person can find himself in the most remote place without feeling much of a difference besides for the mentality of the people, which he can gradually become accustomed to. Things are approximately the same everywhere, everyone is connected with one another; people seem to lose their individuality. Besides the fact that the world has become small, all of its parts ended up being tightly connected with one another. And that led to special results: We saw that we depend on one another. For example, when something happens somewhere in Japan, the entire world suffers. And the same is true of the US, Europe, and any other place.

Everyone mutually affects one another. We cannot even imagine what would happen if the US were to declare fiscal default. And in general, can we even wrap our minds around it? The Common Market could fall apart in Europe, and this would naturally affect the entire world. Briefly speaking, we live in an unpredictable world, and on one hand, this causes pressure in society, but on the other hand, people are becoming indifferent towards whatever is happening, since they are not able to change anything anyway.

This indifference comes from the same connection that exists between all of us, because we all depend a lot on one another. But we did not build these connections; simply, the world has suddenly closed in on us. It was separated into a multitude of pieces, and suddenly it became closed in, suddenly we have become like a unified mankind on the globe, one family, and we depend on one another. This is a very big problem.

Today scientists, who study human nature, political and social scientists, already clearly see that we really exist in mutual total dependence to such an extent that no one can escape it. Scientists already started coming to these conclusions in their studies 50-60 years ago. But only recently every one of us started to actually experience it.

And if 30-40 years ago all of this only seemed to be a foggy theory and was only discussed in scientific circles (in the Club of Budapest, of which I am a member, or the World Wisdom Council in whose meetings I participate), now we are all feeling this connection. And this is a very problematic connection.

Essentially, as scientists refer to it, this connection points to the fact that we exist in an integrated system; a system where all its parts, all its subsystems, are continuously connected with one another, like in our body. And if an imbalance occurs between these subsystems, it points to the presence of a problem:  an illness, which leads to the destruction of the entire organism, and it dies. This refers to both, the biological organism and the organism referred to as mankind. Even if we wanted to distance ourselves from one another, we would not be able to do it. Scientists confirm this on the basis of their research.

We cannot even imagine how much we affect one another with our mentality, customs, education, culture, and especially industrial production, etc. And we have nowhere to go.

In other words, we are moving towards such an integrated or analog system where every part is interconnected and must move according to a given trajectory, but with the consideration of the movement of every other part. Very soon we will feel so connected around the entire globe that we will be like a married couple, whose small problems and disagreements grow into mutual hatred. The couple is in the process of a divorce, but they are still forced to live in one apartment until they finally run each in their own direction.

On one hand “the walls are coming down on them,” and it is the same in a human society because the globe is small. But on the other hand, they must separate because their hatred is very strong. But when a couple is able to do it, we have nowhere to run from one another. This is the problem: we do not know how to deal with one another. We were not created to be together. It is especially being manifested now, when human ego is becoming huge and has such a strong influence on the personality and qualities that people do not even want to have a spouse or children. They start feeling more like loners.

Must we unite between us specifically when these forces prevail in us? How can we do it?

We see that politicians also want to unite, they organize meetings: G8, G10, G20. Leaders of countries come together and discuss the connections between countries, making the world better and safer, and avoiding disasters. But they are unable to compromise. They gather for several days, discuss things and leave with nothing: They do not know what to do!

And business leaders, economists, the World Bank—all those in whose hands is concentrated the entire power of the world—also do not know where the solution is. Things happen in the world that they cannot control.

All of this is happening because we have come to an integrated world, an analog system with every subsystem connected like cogwheels of a single mechanism, where the movement of a single one causes the movement of the rest. Every one of them makes the other ones move. But we neither feel nor understand how the system operates as a whole.

We have come to a state when we see that we exist in one common nature. Ecological problems literally close in on us from every side. But since we do not understand where we are, we are seized by hopelessness. And here science comes to the rescue and explains how such systems work.

The principle of their work is based on every particle caring for all the other parts of the system, like a cell in our body cares for all the other cells in a human organism, where every organ knows its function and acts for the benefit of the entire organism. No organ works for its own need: The heart does not need blood just for itself, it distributes it around the entire organism. Lungs do not need air for themselves, etc. Not a single organ, including the most important one, the brain, lives for itself, they work for the benefit of the entire system.

This is exactly how we should be connected with one another. There is no other choice! We are moving towards this state; our entire evolution has been directed towards it. Observing the speed of the current development of human society, it is possible to say that in the near future, we will have to become acquainted with these systems. Every person individually and all people together, all countries, and nations will have to learn how to exist and interact within this kind of a system based on the foundation of a mutual connection, called the mutual guarantee.

But this connection cannot be realized without changing one’s nature. In other words, all people will have to go through an inner coup. After all, over the course of thousands of years until now, the desire to acquire, receive, develop, succeed, use everything that can be used, have power, be famous, and have more knowledge grew. In short, our ego was motivating us with increasing intensity.

Over the course of a person’s life, he goes through constant growth of ego, and the same happens when generations change. There is a jump of egoism in every generation, and this is why every new generation differs from the previous generation. This is what makes us different from animals.

So, at the end of our egoistic development, we have come to a state where we feel despair and hopelessness. This is manifested in the family crisis, the inner dysfunction that happens within man, the problems of parents and children, the education system crisis: everywhere.

This points to the fact that our ego has stopped developing; we have become desperate. After thousands of years of developing within our ego, we have reached its saturation, and now our egoistic nature has reached a deadlock. We are standing face to face with nature. And this common nature that surrounds us, within which we exist like within a sphere, appears before us in its global integrated form, when all of its parts are interconnected. And we are not. So it follows that at this time we are in a state of contradiction, a conflict, a state of giant crisis with integrated nature.

Man reveals that he is opposite to nature, to all the forces that affect us. Essentially, this is the reason for all our crises and misfortunes. After all, the still, vegetative, and animate parts of nature develop driven by their instincts; we were developing the same way over the course of thousands of years. Man’s egoistic desire kept growing and was forcing him to look for fulfillment. But if the program of life is initially laid in the still, vegetative, and animate nature, it is not in man; he is always searching for a way to apply himself.

And now, at the end of our egoistic development, the process where everyone did whatever they felt like, now, when we are standing before the face of common nature, withdrawn into one another, we must correct ourselves, change our egoistic nature—become global and integrated—the way our world is now appearing to us.

In other words, if we were changing nature over the course of thousands of years, now it is the other way around: Nature seems to have closed in before us demonstrating its integrity, and there is nothing we can do with it. We must change ourselves.

There are many studies regarding this, which say that the entire future development will be happening through inner changes in man. We must change ourselves to begin to interact between us according to the common nature. And then, to the extent of our attainment of harmony with nature, we will feel the world settle. The first thing to go will be the ecological problems, because global warming and all the climate problems are only external forms of the ecological crisis. If we change ourselves, there will be no crises in any other sphere.

For this reason, taking the events happening with our neighbors as an example (similar things will very soon be happening in Europe and around the world), we see how people suddenly feel that they must go outside and unite between themselves in their protest. They felt that they would gain strength by uniting. Why? Because by uniting they become similar to global unified nature. This is why there is a certain additional force in their unity. This is not simply related to the fact that there are so many of them and, at the same time, they unite between them. The fact that right now they are similar to nature gives them common additional strength. You would think, what can a group of protesting students do? Do not underestimate them. A certain force awakens in people in general and specifically in this protesting group, and the government is unable to resist it.

And this is a special phenomenon happening in our time. In the end, it must evoke changes in man. In other words, if we want to change, we must attain the mutual guarantee, a proper connection between us, a proper relationship. We will feel happier and safer to the extent of our finding this connection, we will have all our fields of action blossom: the education system, the healthcare system, and our earnings—everything.

We will not achieve anything if we act the same way as the protesting students and doctors in Israel. This will not help because the government has no way of getting money, because when they get money somewhere, it is done at the expense of something! And the rich layers of the population have enough power to avoid giving anything. Ultimately, all the resources come from one treasury, raised by the government, and distributed between all the people in a certain way. It is like in a family: You cannot do whatever you please with your earnings, acting on your own desires without considering the interests of other family members. It is the same here.

Thus, there is one single solution. We must raise all the social systems to a level where they will blossom and thus acquire additional power—the power of corresponding to nature. We will succeed if we interact with nature in balance and harmony. Essentially, this is exactly what we need to understand and realize.

I am not speaking to you as a politician, sociologist, or a scientist. I am speaking about things we need to realize, things described in the Torah and Kabbalah a long time ago as: “The entire nation of Israel is responsible for one another.” This principle laid the foundation for our nation; we have followed it in our lives until the breaking of the Temple. We also kept close and supported each other in exile. This is how things were until recently, and even though we have created our nation, we still were not able to build it right; this still is a “gathering of outcasts.”

But 100-200 years ago we were in exile, and we were united much better. This was a very high degree of interaction and mutual support.

This is why we need to get back to that same principle. Because if the entire nation of Israel really were to become responsible for one another, we would carry out the required condition, which today is put before all of mankind by common nature.

Essentially, we once lived and observed this condition, and now we need to get back to it. And then we will really feel how much we are succeeding.

“In that sense, we are like a pile of nuts, united into a single body from the outside by the sack that envelops and unites them. Their measure of unity does not make them a united body, and each movement applied to the sack produces in them tumult and separation. Thus, they consistently arrive at new unions and partial aggregations. The fault is that they lack the inner unity, and their whole force of unity comes through an outside incident. To us, this is very painful to the heart…. The only hope is to establish a thoroughly new national education for ourselves, to discover and ignite once more the natural national love that have been dimmed within us.” (Baal HaSulam. “The Nation,” “The Individual and the Nation”)

Over the course of thousands of years, we existed according to the law of mutual support, cohesion, and love of one’s neighbor inside the nation of Israel, our community. Many systems that provided mutual support to the people operated during the period of exile, and especially before it, and we must get back to it. I am not referring to observing commandments and religion; I am referring to a heartfelt connection that existed between the people. There is a reason no other nation has sayings like “All of Israel are friends,” “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” “Do not do to another what you would not want done to yourself.” Gradually this becomes a law, which nature forces us to abide by in any society anywhere in the world.

You can go to our site and my blog, where I collect studies on this topic, and see that this is becoming a scientific fact.

In “Exile and Redemption” Bal HaSulam writes: “As long as we do not raise our goal above the corporeal life, we will have no corporeal revival because the spiritual and the corporeal in us cannot dwell in one basket, for we are the children of the idea.”

We must attain unity, and this will help us solve all the problems. We do not understand how much a person, who is part of the common system, the round mechanism of the round world, influenced the entire world.

And we can succeed more than others in this direction since unity is enrooted in us; we have once become a nation due to it. It is written that we have all agreed to become “as one man with one heart,” in one desire, and this has laid the beginning of the existence of the nation of Israel. In other words, unity is our foundation, and it is fairly easy to get back to it, unlike for the other nations. This is why we are under greater pressure than all the others, because nature forces us to observe this law of the mutual guarantee. We will hope that we will be able to do it.

The events happening lately, when people go out on the square, protest, and speak about the mutual guarantee and helping one another, these things are already a good beginning. We are yet to understand how to behave and what success depends on, but if we attain unity: We will succeed in everything! We have been studying Kabbalah for many years now, and Kabbalah is very precise about this. It is revealed to help us attain unity and thus solve all our problems. There are many materials regarding this on our site and on the Israeli Kabbalah channel 66.

Question: Mankind only destroys, soils, and contaminates the surrounding world, and now there is a threat of atomic destruction. There is no peace in mankind, only wars and murder. Man needs help from the moment of his birth, and spends his entire life fighting for his health and existence. Why did the Creator need to create mankind? Nature would have managed perfectly without us! What is man’s general role?

Answer: Did I say anything about the Creator?

Question: I have been asking myself my entire life, what is the purpose of this “game”?

Answer: The Creator is nature. In Gematria, the numeric value of the word “Elokim,” the Creator, equals the word “Teva,” Nature. When we refer to the notion of “common nature,” we assume the Creator; there is nothing else. The Creator is the law, as it is written, “The law is set and you cannot step over it,” “I did not change my HaVaYaH,” etc.

Man is inside a system of laws. If he attains these laws and acts in accordance with them, he will be successful, but if he does not correspond to these laws, he will be defeated. We really have never felt the good attitude from the Creator, we were never protected, He cannot be bought, and when you come on the bus and throw a coin into a donation box, hoping that this will prevent the bus from blowing up, you only do it for your own consolation.

We need to understand that we exist in nature and that Kabbalah is a science, wisdom. And the Creator is a global Upper Force, which encompasses the entire world and controls it. It is a law, and Kabbalah explains this law to us. Whoever attains it sees everything that happens. It is naïve to think that there is a Creator who does good or bad things to you; little children think this way.

Question: But it is not a good game to create mankind, which only suffers over the course of entire history.

Answer: You are right, but in order for you to understand this game, you need to see the entire path and understand how this law guides the entire development forward. If nature is so smart that it has created our bodies with atoms, molecules, protein, and everything else, and created the force of reason in these bodies, why then does it suddenly leave us to our own devices once we reach the culmination of our development, lets us destroy everything it has created? We must better understand the entire process of development, and today we at the stage when we are able to do it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to all of mankind the “All will know me from great to the small.” And those who neither know nor understand this process also speak just like you. But we need to rise and see the entire process from beginning to end. This is possible; we can rise above time and see that this is a necessary process. In reality there is a purpose and justice in the laws with which we live, when one consumes another, the third one lies, and the fourth one kills.

Question: I have two questions. I have a feeling that you are trying to convince me that I am very unhappy and have many problems that cannot be solved. Do I understand you correctly? Are you really trying to convince me that I am wretched and miserable?

Answer: First of all, it is impossible to argue with a feeling. If you feel this way, then you are right. But in reality, I am simply explaining the situation that practically the entire society exists in. I did not come up with this; you can go online and find many materials regarding this written by scientists, sociologists, political scientists, and economists.

I can show you dozens of papers regarding this topic. Are you trying to say that there is no crisis, that everything is fine, that we are not conflicting with the common nature, that climate is not changing, and ice caps are not melting? I am listing facts that the world knows of.

Comment: These are your illusions!

Answer: If these are my illusions, then you are right! You are like a child; you close your eyes and say that the problem does not exist! What is the second question?

Question: I have understood from reading books that the Creator created man in His image, and you are trying to change nature created by the Creator! So you are working against the Creator?

Answer: You are right about that. It is written:The Creator created man direct, but people have invented many calculations.” We are corrupt, and all our bad qualities are given to us by the Creator, the upper force, and we need to turn them into good, correct qualities. Do you agree with this?

Comment: I do not think that I need correction!

Answer: It is written: “I created the evil inclination.” In other words, the Creator created the evil desire and the Torah – the spice (the method) of its correction! He created the evil inclination, a bad person, and gave him a book, a manual, on correcting himself with the help of the upper Light, the upper force that exists in nature.

Question: If we are a unified system, and today many people in Israel know about and watch channel 66, and study Kabbalah, why do we encounter problems around the world every day? Once you said that not every person needs to study Kabbalah, and even a small number of people who study evoke a positive impact on the world. Why is it even though there are increasingly more people wishing to attain spirituality, the situation in the world is becoming increasingly worse?

Answer: This is a very good and correct question. The problem is that we are trying to overpower nature created from above with all our strength. This is a very slow process.

Human egoism has been developing over forty to fifty thousand years. And we started wide dissemination of Kabbalah around five years ago. Until then, we existed as a closed group that no one knew about. Over the course of five years, we were able to address the world, which looks for a solution and does not understand what is happening. We have opened two TV channels, web sites, and Kabbalah centers around the country. People listen to us and already know the purpose of creation, the reason for our existence in our current form, what we need to do to correct ourselves and rise to the level of common nature, to the level of the Creator. We have reached very big results.

I have been studying Kabbalah for almost 40 years, and I see development happening exponentially as every day goes by. This is difficult to believe!

I am in touch with many scientists around the world and other Kabbalists. In my opinion, we are developing with great speed, I could not even have dreamt of this! My personal development was happening much slower.

Today it takes several months for a person to understand what is happening, and it takes several years for him to attain what it previously took decades to attain. This is why you are right to say that there are many people studying Kabbalah, but it is not yet enough. To evoke the manifestation of a positive force in the nation of Israel and then in the entire world, there needs to be a critical mass, the so-called full measure (Seah) quantitatively and qualitatively. I think that we are approaching this, but this has not happened yet.

Question: Baal HaSulam said that all the wisdom of the nations of the world are included in the wisdom of Kabbalah. I know at least three other studies, which speak of the same: These are Druze, Buddhists, and Sufis. I live in a Druze settlement on Mount Carmel and have been studying Kabbalah for over a year. Do you think that the time has come to add all the other methods to Kabbalah to solve the problems of mankind?

Answer: I have met with several great Sufis in Denmark, England, and the US, who have escaped their countries for fundamentalist persecution. I have found a common language with each one of them regarding the method, approach to life, the actual study, etc. There is almost no difference between the studies; we did not even have to look for a compromise.

This wisdom was given to the entire world by Abraham. It is written that the forefather Abraham is standing at the source of all beliefs. This is why all these studies have one root. I do not know which direction you have in mind, but Sufis essentially must be preaching the same method.

Regarding all the sciences of the world, including physics, chemistry, and other natural sciences, they are a part of the wisdom of Kabbalah, since Kabbalah speaks about the principle of the interaction of two forces, which control the world: These are a positive and a negative force and the screen, which connects them. Kabbalah explains this.

For this reason, when you attain this principle, you see its manifestations on the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and also in the human psychology, a person’s inner world. In other words, Kabbalah is the physics of the common world, and you can use it to find an approach to everything else. We have divided nature into parts: chemistry, physics, biology, and zoology, but nature is one whole.

Question: In the saying: “Only the wisdom of Kabbalah directs man toward the goal of creation,” why is the word “only” there? Does this imply that Kabbalah has this monopoly-like right?

Answer: Monopoly is not the problem, but the fact is that Kabbalah speaks precisely of this. We only need to understand where Kabbalah came from. It was discovered by Adam 5,770 years ago, and he immediately wrote the book, The Secret Angel (Raziel ha Malach), which we also study. The countdown began then; our calendar started from that moment.

This wisdom explains to us what the spiritual (upper) world is, the world of forces, which control our world. For this reason, everything that exists in our world are consequences of the things that happen in the upper layer, which surrounds our world and controls it through an entire system of forces.

For this reason, if you know and study this net of forces and the way this common force controls the world and its laws, you understand deeds and actions, cause and consequence, and everything that happens in the world in general. This is why only it can explain any phenomenon to you.

And all the other sciences are included in it, since every one of them only examines a separate part of nature, and only on the level of the possibilities of our five senses.

Question: I started watching channel 66 because I have found that it has many things in common with transcendental meditation, which I have been practicing for almost a year. I have heard that you do not negate it, but you say that overall meditations or “New Age” practices, as you call them, lack something that exists in Kabbalah…

Answer: I have said that? You have heard me say these things?

Question: Possibly. I have heard that a person who practices this kind of meditation can eventually achieve results, similar to those that can be achieved through studying Kabbalah.

Answer: Never.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because there is nothing a person can derive from his brain. Our brain has the same animal origin as our body. You will not be able to derive anything from it, except for animal fantasies.

What do you base your imagination on when you work with it? Why do you think that by imagining something, you attain upper layers of attainment?

And if you want to know my opinion, I do not recognize a single similar method, as well as other methods, including religions and everything else.

Question: Can you explain in simple words what I need to do in order to attain harmony with nature, all of mankind, and reach the state of “all of Israel are friends to one another?” I also practice meditation and try to bring love to the world. What do I need to do according to Kabbalah?

Answer: At first you only need to study. You need to slightly learn about our nature, perception of reality in general: how we perceive it, what happens here, why I see reality in this specific form, why it exists inside me, and not outside of me, does anything happen and exist within me?

How do I change myself to see reality in its true from? How do I see the forces that influence everything around me, and how they paint this image of reality to me, for me to perceive it this way? And how do I reach a state when, by changing myself, I can see reality perfect and eternal, in addition to this world?

The sages have said: “You will see your world in your lifetime.” I must attain eternal existence yet in this life. And this pertains to everyone present here, including the very elderly, since everyone has the opportunity to attain eternal life.

Everything depends on the person: If he already hears us, this means that this is intended for him. In other words, I must make an effort to come to the level of eternal and perfect existence.

Question: What can we guarantee to one another and what will unify us?

Answer: We guarantee for one another like cells in an organism, and our interconnection keeps revealing more with every passing day. The global state of the world keeps manifesting where, as people say, every person is connected with everyone else through five people, the “butterfly effect” is being realized; all of this refers to the fact that mankind exists in a unified system.

This system of connectivity between us is becoming more revealed every day, and we feel that we are connected between us to a greater degree. But when we do not correspond to one another and do not have a good connection between us, we suffer. And in the end we perceive this as a crisis in all areas of our existence.

So how do we realize this? There is only one thing left for us to do: Change ourselves. And a change of relations between us towards the better will contribute to the fact that we will discover the spiritual world within our automatic connection (which we did not invent).

Let us say that I suddenly reveal that I depend on you. This means that I should have a good relationship with you, otherwise, how do I retain a good connection with you? I do not have another solution because essentially, every one of us determines what happens to any one of us. For this reason, it is very difficult to observe the mutual guarantee, and it has a lot of obligations.

But how do we connect ourselves and rise to this connection? After all, we have the ego, as it is written: “I created the evil inclination.” The ego was initially inherent to us by nature, and our hatred of one another will still be revealed, since we continue to advance and develop.

But there is a solution to this problem. This is why there is a method in our world referred to as the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is very simple: We reach a proper connection between us through the study and its realization. And those, who have been studying for some time, know that they begin to feel changes within them as soon as they begin to study.

A person begins to hear things that are new for him. Then he either agrees or disagrees with it, clarifying certain things, and at the same time he changes. And this is what matters most. What matters is not the knowledge we fill our heads with, but what we begin to feel on the inside, the acquisition of new feelings.

And when these feelings, impressions, connection, sensation, and qualities become revealed, it helps us have a stronger connection between us. And if we are not yet connected, we at least understand that there is no contact between us, and this already is the revelation of evil, of the absence of communication between us. And there is a specific instruction for this, the directions to accomplish it.

Question: What do you think, should people who study Kabbalah go to college when they feel that doing it does not give them any spiritual fulfillment? How can I help my husband so he would not leave his studies, when he says that nothing else interests him but spirituality?

Answer: Naturally, college studies do not provide anything spiritual. My students and I have many growing children. And I urge everyone to study.

One of my daughters has a PhD in genetics and biology, my second daughter has completed her studies in philosophy and Kabbalah, and she is starting her dissertation. There are several people among my students, who are in the process of writing their dissertations, and I push them to do it.

When I see a gifted child, who has the abilities to work in education, I urge him to go to college, because Kabbalah is close to education, since its purpose is to educate the people.

Anyway, we urge everyone to acquire a profession. If a person does not want to go to college, they at least must go through some training. And then we can be sure that once a person completes his studies, he will have no problem providing for himself and his family. This is a must.

All the parents in our group urge their children to study. Right now we are talking to the Open University administration to allow our fourteen-year-old children (before completing high school) to begin their studies there, and have higher education (a bachelor degree) by the time they graduate from high school. I have great respect for education. So tell this to your husband, and I wish him success!

Question: Today there are many companies that have encountered economic difficulties and are on the verge of closing. What can they do to survive and connect with the global law? Is there something that can be done?

Answer: No, the purpose of Kabbalah is not to improve the situation of bankrupt companies. It cannot provide a private individual with a personal, immediate solution, because we depend on one another.

A certain private egoistic company, which was once successful and made money and is no longer able to do it, wishes to make even more money. So what should it do?

We do not give out blessings, we do not use “miraculous remedies,” we do not take money for this, and we do not have red strings, which I see on some of you.

Briefly speaking, Kabbalah teaches people the laws of nature, the laws of the universe. This is the way it always was, and it has nothing to sell. But I can explain the process a person wishes to go through in order to change. And he will succeed by becoming like nature and his environment.

I can give an advice regarding fixing the situation of such company. All the employees of this company need to study an hour a day. They do not need to study Kabbalah specifically, simply coworkers need to study to be as connected with one another as possible, have friendly and kind relationships, and be closer with one another.

And if they change the overall atmosphere in their company, then we can be sure to say that it will come out of the descent. I can even help with finding the materials for free.

Question: Why is it now that we are observing the disappearance of happiness from our lives, the emergence of insecurity in the society, and the lack of harmony between man and nature?

Answer: I already spoke about this. This is happening because our ego has locked itself up. We constantly developed according to a linear function, and our ego kept growing. But the process of satiety has begun several decades ago. People turned to drugs and alcohol, they “broke,” they became helpless and indifferent to everything, and they started getting tired of life. A crisis has manifested in education and the family unit. Today over 50% of young people do not wish to get married, they do not even want to be in a relationship. All of these facts are symptoms of the fact that the human ego stopped growing. And scientists, concerned with social issues, confirm this. It is as if our ego had nowhere left to advance; it is as if we have exhausted all its possibilities.

Question: What is impeding its growth?

Answer: Its growth is limited by the uniformity that is being revealed. The ego has reached a certain sense of fullness and became global. And we suddenly feel dependent on one another. Right now our problem is in our need to develop in our global connection. If a person wanted to develop even more, a possibility of marvelous development opens up before him, but this development is only through the connection with others. He will need to turn this bad connection between us into a good connection.

Question: There is a conflict here. On one hand you say that we need to unite, but on the other hand you say that unity blocks your individual development.

Answer: Why? Keep developing personally and individually, while you remain connected with others. Before, you used to develop in relation to others to use them as much as you can for your own benefit. But now, it is the other way around, your development is internal. Before you constantly worked on realizing your ego, but now you need to turn your ego into a good attitude.

It is true, this is problematic, but on the plus side, this allows us to acquire the spiritual world. We rise above our world and perceive the world of forces, the worlds that exists beyond time, beyond nature, and beyond our animal bodies.

And by rising above it, it is as if I come out of my ego, and I become a person and begin to perceive that reality exists outside of me, above me. And then I feel like I am in the flow of eternal life, but at the same time my body and I myself remain: the two levels of development.

Question: Rambam speaks of how limited our intellect is. Can this impede me from coming out of myself?

Answer: No, because we acquire higher perception, new senses. Everything we feel within us and are able to absorb is called this world, and we cannot perceive more than this.

But if we come out of ourselves, we will be able to reveal the world of forces, which governs us before our birth in this life and after our death, all the reasons for everything that happens here and now. When we acquire the altruistic sensation, which will allow us to perceive the world outside of us, we will begin to perceive higher reality.

For this reason, the condition of “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” a need to sort of come out of yourself, all of this is not for me to serve others, but to bring me out of my inner restraint into eternity.

Question: My question is about people who do not study Kabbalah. They behave and think well, they raise their children well. What should these people do? They also need to study Kabbalah?

Answer: Are they completely fine? If so, then wonderful. When I look at the world I see that the majority of people neither have a good nor a bad life, they have a very calm life. What should we do about them? Nothing.

But when a person feels bad, and he begins to analyze where this sensation came from and what it means, in the end, he develops painful questions and a bitter feeling, which bring him to the search for the solution.

But when a person feels good, or he wants to avoid unpleasant sensations, let him run, because there is no forcing in the spiritual. We do not pressure anyone. We do not pull people in; people are free to come and go.

The Kabbalah for the Nation locations, as well as our video channel, try to make everything free to the people. By the way, this costs us a lot of money. And those who want to watch, watch, and those who do not, do not. People do not get registered. People act according to the way they feel, they study however long they want to study.

This is why I have no advice for these people. We have students around the world, and I can say with all certainty that right now our lecture is being watched in over one hundred countries.

We need to understand that our world is a space with a net of forces operating in it. We are like an electrical charge in it. We move in this field of forces according to our potential (the way we pertain to the common field of forces).

When questions arise in man, he begins to move in this field until he reaches a place, where he finds his balance with it. It is the same law as in physics.

Thus a person can live anywhere; for example we have large groups in Chili. Suddenly, a person acquires a certain desire. And he finds specifically our website in Spanish, he finds us and begins to study.

Why? It is because his correlation to the entire collective force of this field brings him to the point of contact with us. And he feels that this connection helps him be closest to balance. And this happens to every person.

How did you all find us? Or, how do we find anything in life? All of this is realized according to a certain inner feeling of the place, where I will be able to be fueled.

But we do not force. And this is why all the people in the world will also reach this point in their development, when they regrettably will be unhappy. And they will ask questions: “Why, what for, and where does this evil come from?” Then they will develop a need to answer themselves, and they will reveal our method. But so far they have not yet discovered their need for this.

Question: You say that the people’s dependence on one another and nature submits to fundamental laws. These laws exist and they cannot be denied. Could you give an example of this law, which sciences of our world do not speak of, but which exists in Kabbalah? And is it possible to test the operation of this law and get the same result?

Answer: The entire problem lies in the fact that all the scientists of our world also conform to their egoistic nature. This is clear; they are regular people after all. This is why they study and discover only the one layer in nature, which their ego can grasp.

A person cannot experience a phenomenon outside of him, if he is not in a state of homeostasis with it. A radio can only reproduce the wave it creates within itself, according to the law of resonance.

The same happens with us: We only catch the smallest and very limited part of all the phenomena that exist in nature. And when these phenomena go through me, I perceive and feel them through my ego. It follows that instead of revealing the actual nature, I only reveal whatever I am able to catch with my senses.

But if I change and become global and integrated instead of an egoist and individualist, a giver instead of a receiver, a loving person instead of a hater, then I will stop filtering reality through the sieve of my ego, and will take it the way it is. Then I will see the world without the disturbances of my nature, and this is the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Since now our egoism has grown and became global, scientists will not be able to continue examining the world without developing in the direction of integration. There is nothing to examine in egoism: In the end we examine whatever happens in our desire.

Man is desire, and all his efforts are directed towards fulfilling this desire. This way we develop. Our brain grows alongside our desire, trying to find a way to achieve the desired! If a person does not want anything, his brain does not develop.

This is why a person who receives blows becomes smarter. Why is that? Because he wants to escape them. Our brain corresponds to our desires: if they do not cross the boundaries of animal existence, then it does not develops beyond that point.

Question: Where does Kabbalah come from?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah comes from a person rising above his egoism and ceasing to only perceive things within him. Special exercises help him begin to perceive reality outside of egoism. How does he do it? It is very simple, he does it according to: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

You are brought to the group and you are told: “Do you want to develop another sense in order to perceive things outside of you, in addition to the five entrances you have, which enable you to perceive the world? Go ahead! Study in a group, and these exercises will help you begin to develop an external sense, which will help you feel other people. And then you will begin to perceive things outside of you.” The group is like a special antenna, which helps us perceive the things that happen in all of reality. We have never perceived it with our egoistic senses.

Question: If I understand you correctly, I need other people to come out of my five senses. This means that I will never rise above me on my own, and I only have an additional channel of perception and understanding when there are other people around me?

Answer: Exactly! This is why it is written: “The group or death,” “All of Israel are friends.” In other words: It is impossible without the group. It is written: “If you unite like one man with one heart, you will succeed, if not, this will be your burial place,” there is no reason for you to live.

Question: How do we strengthen the mutual guarantee between us and spread it to a wider circle of people in the process of preparation to the unity convention, which will be taking place in Achziv in a month?

Answer: To tell you the truth, I have not yet joined the preparation for the Achziv convention. Right now you need to do it, and I will join later. The matter is that I am going to Germany next week. There, in the city of Bremen, people, who are seriously looking for spirituality and who also practice meditation, are gathering for a convention.

Representatives of this movement have been here and have invited us to participate in this event. We will work two full days with them: I will do the first day, and our friends from Berlin and Vienna will do the second day. This work requires a lot of preparation.

Then North American conventions will follow in September: Toronto, New York, and Miami. I must concentrate all my strength to awaken people, unite with them, and act in one desire. This is why I cannot be thinking about the convention in Achziv right now. You are preparing for it, and I am not yet. In any case, every group operates in their specific conditions.

Question: You are speaking about changes in man in the relationships between people. This is not a new idea, it was even proclaimed in the times of the October revolution in Russia. Everyone knows what it led to.

Answer: You would like to find out what is happening here? By the way, this idea was not only proclaimed in Russia, but also in Israeli communes, called Kibbutzim. There are enough examples of the failure of this idea.

It was not an accident that Kabbalah was hidden for thousands of years: It was waiting for the world to become global and for the connection between us to become so apparent that we would not be able to deny it. Our connection with common nature has also become apparent: We exist in a single system and are unable to escape it.

This is why Kabbalah is being revealed now and it states that changes cannot be made in a society by having the government impose orders from above; instead, people need to be educated and changed from below. And nothing must be built until man changes.

Who do we have to build a new society? Egoists? This was done in Russia, Israeli Kibbutzim, and other places. They held on while it benefited them, and then they fell apart. By the way, Marks did not think it was possible to realize this idea in Russia. He said that first man needs to change and become integrated, and Baal HaSulam confirms his words in the “Nation” newspaper. Such people can form a proper net without being forced to be friends by the KGB. How can love be imposed with force?

Now we must do it because nature is obligating us. But we are not pushing people: Do it if you want to; if you do not want to, do not do it.

Question: Why do achievements in science, including the Internet, not only provide good results, but also do harm?

Answer: Since things like the Internet are in the hands of egoists, they become destructive. This is the first reason. Second, people need to be educated from a very young age, and little children need to be brought up treating each other well.

We are trying to do it. We are publishing many books on childhood education, where we explain how to give children a view of the global wholesome world from childhood. When they grow with this kind of worldview forming in them, it becomes easier for them to deal with the world.

For example, I work for a certain company; I was already asked today about what can be done when a previously successful company suddenly finds itself on the verge of bankruptcy. I will not achieve success when dealing with other manufacturers without taking the interests of the entire world into consideration.

After all, when the world is global, such should be the attitude. Right now this is becoming increasingly manifested, and this is why the world keeps sinking into a crisis without seeing success anywhere.

But I am unable to consider the entire picture. In order to do it, I myself must be connected with everyone so this would be obvious to my nature, instead of happening according to certain calculations and external knowledge. For this reason, every person, who wishes to be successful, must be connected to nature.

Question: I completely agree with this. But what can be done when a scientist comes up with a pill that extends human life, and thus creates big problems for mankind?

Answer: First of all we must think about people benefiting the most from our actions. This is why we must continue our regular lives until we correct ourselves. Gradually, we will naturally transition from an egoistic worldview and connections to a different life.

In this process, we will not establish new laws; instead, we will be moving in accordance with the changes happening in us. Kabbalah guards from extreme artificial measures. But once man changes, he will change his world.

This is why there is no pressure, sudden actions, prohibitions, or anything else here. I do not criticize anything, and I am only concerned with helping people as much as possible to change in the direction of mutual connection. This is the only solution.

Question: And still, I see a problem in the development of sciences with all its wonderful inventions; this process is no longer controlled by mankind. The question is how to solve this problem with our very scarce forces?

Answer: There is no question here. We are dealing very well with science and scientists. As I have mentioned before, there is only one solution: education of man. And everything else should develop as people please, because they will only find a dead end and failure in all their endeavors. And for now, people should develop their relationships with other people; this is what I expect.

I will conclude today’s meeting with the following: Nothing else leads to success besides corresponding to the system of nature, which is now being manifested—unity, connection, integration, and globalism. This is why all our actions and plans must be related to this.

If those people, who are now protesting demanding housing, wages, lower prices, etc., connect all these things with common unity, they will succeed. But if they keep trying for their own sake, they will fail. Let us hope that we will achieve good relations, a good life, safety, and success through unity. Thank you all, I am very happy to meet with you!
From the Introductory Lecture 7/26/11, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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