Seven Billion Cups Of Tea

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is not by mere chance that we find ourselves standing opposite each other with nuclear bombs. Everyone hides a few thousand behind his back, in addition to all the types of weapons that fill satellites in space, and which are ready to fire off as soon as there is an order. Not by coincidence do we experience such aggravation and sorrow. All this is meant to bring us to the realization that we have no choice, and if we wish to reach a good life, we need to turn our relationships around completely.

In the middle, between love and hatred that lives among us, is the crisis! This crisis tells us, “You will not be able to survive on this planet if you don’t turn your hatred into love!” That is, if you don’t begin to trust each other in matters that pertain to atomic bombs, banks, and everything else, and if you fail to see this system as round and integral, since that is in fact precisely how it is whether you like it or not.

Understand that you simply have no other choice with the form in which this analog, integral, and completely interconnected system works that is filled with deadly weapons and hatred, you have to turn yourselves around! Otherwise, you will be left without as much as a slice of bread.

It no longer is just some personal problem that we can brush aside. You simply will not be able to provide the most essential things for survival.

The financial crisis is causing millions of protesters to come out to the streets now. The country itself could be very wealthy, such as Germany or the United States, but due to complete indifference toward each other, it will be impossible to provide a normal life for people who are jobless. They will go to the streets and destroy the whole country.

It doesn’t matter how much money and food resources the nation has hidden away. With the lack of sharing between us, we have a world where half of the population is dying of hunger, and half is throwing out more food than would be necessary to feed the other half. And they cannot come to a consensus with each other because they don’t think about each other.

Therefore, we see that we will not make it without reaching universal love. However, this word has already acquired a certain impure connotation, meaning sexual, false, or naive. Therefore, we can talk about complete mutual partnership: penetrating into another person’s desires, understanding what he needs, filling his necessities, and having concern for him. We must achieve this; otherwise, life on earth will come to an end.

If this is the general law of human survival, how can we begin to live in accordance with it? I need to organize all the thousands of desires that I have in order to not use them only for my own sake but to take into account the interests of others in each of my desires.

I need to be connected with the whole world. I don’t need to know what every person looks like, but there should be a feeling in me that we are all together and I am taking care of every person as though I am taking care of myself. I pour myself a cup of tea, and I worry about everyone else also having a cup of tea. And if others have no tea, to the extent that they desire it, I too will not take any tea for myself.

It is like a mother who cannot take care of herself until she feeds her child and ensures that he is full, healthy, and happy. She simply is unable to think about herself while he lacks something. We need to learn to reach this opposite state from the state of complete egoism.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 6, 1/3/12

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