Useful Pondering Over A Bowl Of Soup

Dr. Michael LaitmanAspiration is something that goes beyond ordinary desire. Desire is given from Above. It becomes revealed within me and I begin to want something. Let’s say a desire to eat some soup has appeared within me. I realize this desire and fulfill myself. My “me” is totally absent here. A desire simply became revealed and it realized itself.

Aspiration is called something that originates not from my desire for the fulfillment that is currently given to me, but rather, it is an additional desire to give pleasure to the Host who gave me this soup. This additional desire appears above the fulfillment. After all, He also gave me this desire for the soup. I want to show that I want this soup because He is giving it to me. This is called an aspiration.

I discern that I received the desire from the Creator and that the fulfillment comes from Him too; all of this is in order to create a connection between us. However, I don’t want to receive this fulfillment in a direct form. I agree to receive it only for the sake of my attitude toward the Host. I make a restriction on the fulfillment that He brings to me, but this is also terrible because it’s like pushing away the Host. However, I’m going for it for the purpose of rising and using this fulfillment, but only because it comes from Him.

I reveal the aspiration for the soup and the desire for the soup itself, which comes from the Creator. I do it only after my decision to receive for His sake. This means to reveal “the initial point of the letter ‘Yod’,” the head of HaVaYaH, Keter.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/30/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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