Growing Interdependence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we don’t truly adjust ourselves to the integral society correctly in our present stage, then will nature change and correct us?

Answer: It will happen gradually through self-education. This is a learning process similar in children; it is absolutely the same system. Moreover, humanity already has these developments, especially if we are talking about the wisdom of Kabbalah, which fully shows us how we should proceed.

How should a person arrange himself within the environment? He needs to place himself under the influence of the correct environment. Why is one’s free choice specifically in that? Which values should be elevated first? Moreover, they need to be elevated artificially, and then afterward, a person will grasp them and see them as truly basic and necessary.

Then it will be necessary to be included in this society, gradually dissolving within it, but together with this a person doesn’t lose his identity. By the way, we don’t go against our ego. We don’t oppress our ego by any means whatsoever!

We don’t oppress anything in a man. He doesn’t need to get rid of anything within him. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you were educated up until now, what your views are, what attributes you were born with, or the values and opinions that you received during your education process.

You will begin to be integrated into the group, which comprises a mini-society with which you will begin to work on this mutual interaction. The main thing is that it aims for a person to create a new vessel of connection with others, a communication system where he begins to see that he is completely dependent on others.

Question: A person already begins to see this dependency, although in principle it only irritates him.

Answer: Correct. But there is no place to escape it. We need to do something with it, since otherwise we simply will disappear! Even now there is talk about future famine, cold, drought, terrible problems in the economy and finances. People will be thrown out in the street; unemployment will grow. This means that everything is going in the direction of a complete breakdown. It specifically points to that, and we must find between us the correct point of balance.
From KabTV’s “An Integral World” 11/26/12

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