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448.9Question: Some well-known rabbis and sages were asked, “Why do you think so many Nobel Prize laureates and billionaires are Jews?”

Their first answer was because of anti-Semitism, Jews had to work twice or three times harder than others who received the prize. Another answer was that a person should study something every free minute that he has since this rule is part of Jewish tradition and has become part of our national genome. According to Forbes, in 2019 half of the ten richest billionaires have Jewish connections. They are Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Bernard Arnault, Michael Bloomberg, and Larry Page.

How would you answer the question “Why?”

Answer: As a Kabbalist I believe that it is actually their spiritual root which enables Jews to see, to feel internally, and to receive much greater and deeper information, although they may not be aware of it. I don’t think it is a matter of IQ.

The reason is that they receive knowledge from the general force of nature that surrounds us all and includes inside it all the laws and manages everything.

Comment: But still, if this is nature, if this is the general law, then it advances them not so that they should profit in business and become billionaires, etc. After all, this is not the reason for that.

My Response: It is not for that.

Comment: But they use it for this purpose.

My Response: They do indeed use it for this purpose and nature is responsible for it in order to advance all of humanity through them to where it spreads, to where it is headed and what it is attracted to. For them this feeling really leads them to achievements.

Question: So that they will lead the rest of humanity to such achievements?

Answer: Yes. In fact this is not the reason that our special connections with the force of nature were created, not to use them egotistically; but still it is through them that humanity also advances greatly. What would we do without Google today, without Facebook, etc.? There are a lot of Jews there.

Question: Why were they given such skills?

Answer: At the moment it is in order to advance humanity to a state in which you have everything and have nothing.

You have everything, but you are still limited by planet Earth. Why should you see what is happening in the Philippines or in South America now?

You already see it. And what’s next? You receive any kind of information through your cell phone. What’s next? A person needs to be filled eventually, since after all, we all move from one filling to another throughout history.

I think that it will all end and we will remain very poor, “robbed.”

Question: And this is the purpose of this whole process?

Answer: This is the purpose of this whole progress. It should bring us to a state in which we will not want to go anywhere.

Comment: I expect such a cry out that it is the Jews who have brought us to a dead end.

My Response: Of course. It is their mission, to lead humanity.

Question: Why should they lead humanity to a dead end, to emptiness?

Answer: From one dead end to another dead end, from one dead end to another dead end. This is actually how humanity advances, because it encounters its ego and looks for another way. It is like an robotic  vacuum cleaner that bumps into corners; so does humanity until it discovers: “That’s it, I am detached, there is no meaning in life. I refuse to crawl on the floor anymore. I need to ascend upward.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/25/19

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