The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, A Patent For Infinite Pleasure

laitman_439The wisdom of Kabbalah provides a person with a patent for attaining infinite pleasure, for the goal of creation is to provide all of creation with infinite pleasure, as it is written, “The Creator created the world to give pleasure to His creatures.” But first we must do some work, and then we will receive pleasure.

In fact, the moment a person receives an approach to this wisdom, he must immediately understand that this is not just wisdom on its own; it is a means for attaining pleasure.

This may sound egoistic, but there is nothing else for a person to do in life besides searching and discovering, with the help of his ego, the treasure that is found within him: his soul, within which is the Creator, and ultimately eternal pleasure, eternal life, and unlimited existence. All of this is possible only if a person truly has a healthy and good egoism and constantly yearns for this goal, never separating from it in exchange for any of the pleasures of this world.

At first, a person doesn’t understand the egoism hidden within him and what it means to work with it, what the upper Light is, and how it is possible to attract it and direct it toward himself so that the Light will begin to “divide” him into an egoist and an altruist, bestowal and reception. This is not easy.

Everything depends on the ability of the person to persist. If he has a serious desire, then he will attain the goal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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