How To Overcome The Psychological Barrier

Laitman_514_02Question: What do we do when there is no desire for spirituality?

Answer: Act as if you have it. This condition is called “overcoming” when you must overcome yourself.

Where can you get the desire to bestow and love, to connect with other people, and build a new state that is opposite to our world? For this, you must begin building such a state by gathering together with other friends, each one rising above himself.

Don’t you want it? Very well, it means that you are very close to realization. If you act against your will, then you are on one of the spiritual levels: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Question: Does the condition of emptiness feel like a small, inner death?

Answer: It isn’t death, but a psychological barrier because you move to the next level of attainment, the next level of awareness opposite to what you have now! Just as an embryo inside the mother exists only due to her, and after birth, he must exist on his own. Therefore, this process is called a spiritual birth and is described on hundreds of pages in The Study of the Ten Sefirot.

Naturally, we have no desire for something that we don’t feel. If humanity continues to move forward in their desires for food, sex, family, honor, wealth, and knowledge, there would be no problems, and they would never achieve anything better than themselves. People would fill themselves during their lives, then die, fill themselves, and die, and everything would end at that.

However, in order to take humanity to the next level, it is necessary to show them that their current method of living is limited, absurd, and actually leads to nothing. We are constantly engaged only with filling our animal body. Imagine that you live next to an animal—for example, a donkey—and you are always caring only about it. This is our current existence.

In order to rise to the next level, we need to shake ourselves, and this is the heart of the crisis, because crisis means “giving birth” or “birth.”
From the Convention in Prague – 9/9/16, Preparatory Lesson

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