Your Desire In Me As The Basis Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to awaken envy in each other, speaking about the greatness of the group, the friends, and the Creator. We need to demonstrate to others that we have something! The group should show everyone that it has something. We need to rise above our states and awaken envy and feeling the height of success in the friends’ hearts.

We must not show our insignificance; be modest inside before the Creator, but not outside, before everyone. If you show that you are humble and have nothing, others will not learn from that. You have to envy the success of others openly in order to be an example for others and to speak out about the greatness of friends to spark their envy.

All that is in the group will affect you as a result. We need to pull ourselves to the upper world by the hair. If you do not awaken the desire and aspiration, then the Surrounding Light will not work on you. The Surrounding Light does not work on the desire that you received from Above; it does not pull you forward or develop your vessel.

The Surrounding Light acts only on the desire that you revealed yourself by your work in the group. There is no other possibility. You have all the means and forces, but you need to organize them, otherwise you will not get the desire. You need an “aspiration,” that is, something that comes out of you. But nothing can come out of you! Correct, that is why you need to buy this desire from others.

Thus, there is an instruction, “Buy yourself a friend!” He pays you, and you pay him. How? By additional desires, which turn into aspiration when they enter everyone. And the Light that Reforms affects these aspirations. After all, this is already your earned desire, and thus it attracts to you the Light that otherwise would not have come.

Every vessel has the Light that is supposed to be there: some have only the reviving Light, others the spiritual, because this is the desire to bestow. How can a desire change suddenly and demand more Light? This simply cannot be in the spiritual worlds. This opportunity is given only to a person inside society and in our world, in our state, when we are all in the state of concealment and do not understand where we are, do not feel the higher degree, and are fenced off from others.

The only possibility is through mutual play to awaken in each other—envy, passion, and ambition—all the senses that “take a person out of this world,” that is, raise him to the upper world. Therefore, I have to deliberately to awaken these feelings, to warm myself up. It is clear that it is impossible to awaken some new desires in oneself, only the Light can do that. But I can buy this desire from you; thus it is said, “Buy yourself a friend.” It is buying.

We can awaken the desire: mine in you, and yours in me. As if I copy new desires from you to myself. I attract the Light that Reforms to these desires that I obtained from you by envy. I cannot do that on my own desires.

Thus, it turns out that the Light that Reforms unites us! It does not just increase my personal desire and fill it. I buy your desire from you; the Surrounding Light acts on it and corrects not my desires, but your desire in me! Thus we become connected with each other and build the vessel consisting of all the integrations of our desires with other.

Everyone remains with his original point, the drop of semen, because he has nothing except it. We buy all the rest from the environment, like the sperm from which an embryo develops. Once we were those sperm. From where did we get all these kilograms of flesh, brain, and bones? From outside. It is clear that their form was already determined inside the sperm, but it had nothing but the information about what should grow from it.

The same thing happens in spiritual development. Due to envy, passion, ambition, greed for power and fame, I buy desires from the environment. The Light that Reforms is attracted only to those desires, and only after the influence of this Light, this desire turns into the vessel of the soul. So it works. That it is why it is said, “Either the group or death”; either you join or perish.

It is said about this at Sinai Mountain: “Either you enter into mutual guarantee,” that is, buy the vessel, and then I give you the Torah, which corrects this vessels and then, “otherwise this will be your burial place” because each of you will remain in his place, and it will be his grave.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/13, Writings of Rabash

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