You Must Not Seek Fame For Doing Good Deeds

962.2Comment: Iliya writes to us: “I watched your video clip where you say that if you want to help someone, you must not expect any kind attitude, or gift, or gratitude, not even simple “thank you,” nothing. This is what you call real help. But this is impossible. To do something good and not to expect at least a grateful glance or a smiley face for it. Dear Michael Laitman, this is utopia! You have to agree that this just cannot be!”

My Response: I understand you. It is really very difficult, even impossible. However, if at the same time you think that you are bringing a good force, a good state into the world, then your self-esteem, the greatness of your action, will increase.

Question: Does pride also increase at the same time?

Answer: No. Provided you think that you want to make the world better, to bring kindness to the world.

Question: If I do a good deed and think that I will get a thank you, some gift, even a small smiley face, or at least a grateful look, do you think this is not a good deed?

Answer: You are doing business at the same time. One will say thank you, give you a look, a woman will smile, a child too.

Comment: And right away I begin to feel good.

My Response: Yes, of course.

Comment: What you are suggesting is a very tall order.

My Response: No. Anyone in the world can say that our world needs kindness or it will fall apart, and let us arrange so that we just think about how to bring good actions, deeds, and good force into it. Let us do it and be thankful that our egoism allowed us to do it.

Comment: That sounds really nice.

My Response: Yes. Is this a big deal? Can you do this?

Comment: But I am an egoist by nature.

My Response: But you do give pleasure to your egoism: “I will do good for the world.” I can respect myself for this.

Question: Does this require some kind of preliminary education or is a person really capable of it?

Answer: I need to calibrate myself so that I respect myself for this.

Question: How will the world change then?

Answer: The world will change for the better. I will suddenly begin to see a lot of good in the world instead of what I see today, that there is only evil in it.

Question: Is it just because I changed my intention?

Answer: Yes. After all, it all depends on how I look at the world.

Question: That is, I am changing and the world is changing?

Answer: Exactly!

Question: Is it possible?

Answer: It depends on you! So, it is possible.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/18/21

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